Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Along came the rain

Yesterday, it rained. And rained. And rained. So what does a woman do when the cable is out, the internet down, no phone lines, well, in my house, we find the "lightest" room and craft. And craft. And craft.

I saw this idea in a magazine, twisted it up a bit and now have decided I am going put it in my favorite things baskets I am making for my friends this year for Christmas presents. Now Addie thinks they are ugly, but I like 'parkly things too, like my, goodness, my 3rd cousin Morgan who is umm I think 3, maybe 4, definitely not 5. So here is my 'parkly day.

Anyway, I had been collecting silver goblets, to do something else with, so after collecting about 20 of these things, I have decided I don't want to do what I was going to do with them, BUT, I love sparkly things and I think it will look great as a topper to my baskets of love, or my favorite things ..... and to show you the love .. remember a few months ago I was making hot pepper relish, not gooey candles, well those are going in my basket of love too .... and here is what I went through ....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Look Look LOOK!!


Can you see the joy on my face? I am just so flipping excited. So excited. I am ready .... I need the barn wood flooring, but I am truly ready .. "Picture This" is going to be a great success.

And you know, it couldn't be possible without my parents ... they bought me my first camera .... and my beautiful, adoring, super supportive husband and of course, all the encouragement from my friends.

It feels right, it feels sooooo right.

Thank you friends.