Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Bucket Happy

Sadly, my last day of crafting for ummmm well, 8-12 weeks.  Yup, you guess it, rotator cuff surgery first thing tomorrow morning.  All will be fine, I can type with my right set of digits!!! 

I did, get soooooo much done today!  My favorite completed project is the Easter Buckets for my Aunt Rachel's five grandkids!   I just LOVE them!  Lots of pictures, enjoy!!!

The buckets!

Carter, the LSU fan!

fleur de lis

Lane, he is 6 month's old, but we couldn't leave him out!

Give a dog a bone!

Julia, loves the color blue.

And horses ...

Alexis, farm animals and flower power.

Sheep, goose and piggy!  Might have to peel the mice off.  lol

Boy on wheels!!!!!

4 wheeler and planes ... all boy
So, there you have my day.  I hope to continue to blog, but it may be more day to day living and not so much crafting unless I can find someone to boss around and do my ideas for me!!  lol