Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, Katie and I made it to Yellow Springs and toured 4 houses. The first house was the "jailhouse", which means it was the jailhouse in 1878. It is really cute and if I were single I would totally buy it!!!!! Well, with the exception of the umm, umm yard next door. And frankly, the fence would not be tall enough, which is sad.

We toured a house on Corry and this is it .. it's really cool inside, all the wood work, but the basement freaked me out a little bit, especially after just finishing a basement remodel! The space behind up is a hole covered with ivy. It's different. So, no house this week. Eventually would love to live there, but I would love to live at Berlin Lake too, so we'll see. It was a great day and of course we ate at The Winds .... my favorite place to eat in Yellow Springs of course!!!!

Thursday Morning

Hiya!! Well, today is packing day. Vandy and I are going to Boyne Michigan on a ski trip. Well, I ski, Vandy snowboards! Addie was suppose to come, but has decided to stay home with dad. What a lovely kind daughter I have!!!

Katie and I are going house shopping in Yellow Springs. I'll post a few pictures later perhaps! I just love the town. The "sun"flowers above were taken on Route 68 a couple years ago, just makes you smile doesn't it? Yellow Springs is quaint and makes me feel good when I am there. I love people watching too!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Told you!

I knew it!!!! I could not do nothing! I updated my playlist, now I want to boogie!

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all. I have decided nothing today. I had been laying in bed checking my to do list off in my head, when a deep male voice said, "are you going to get up today?" and ever so sweetly I answered "NO", and that was all the incentive I needed to null and void my to do list. So, here I am, typing away an ever so sweet "Good Morning" and I will see you a bit later this afternoon to start my afternoon off, instead of my morning. (I am cracking myself up because honestly, if you know anything about me, how long do you think I can do nothing?) A point to ponder eh?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sun is Up

Good morning ..... I am telling you all that reading the Book of Esther is so inspiring. Some of my girlfriends have gotten together for a nine week course in studying the Book of Esther with Beth Moore by DVD and it's just fabulous. It is all I can do to not speed through my homework and watch the next video. I would recommend it to anyone .. because it is tough being a woman in ...... soooooo many things and places. And speaking of it's tough being a woman, this menopause is just kicking my butt. Anyone have any words of advice, because the ole stand by "this too will pass", just ain't cutting it!!!! Okay, tears, can't see the screen ...... everyone have a great day!!!!!