Saturday, June 13, 2009

Virginia, Oh Virginia

Okay all -- I am off again -- to Gordonsville Virginia this time ... and tons of sightseeing!!!!!! Me and my BFF Debi were planning just to laze by the pool and do some serious wine tasting, but she said "you have an awesome pool in your backyard, we can do that anytime, let's sight see." Soooooooo Thomas Jefferson, Wineries, Charlottesville, Jamestown, Virginia Beach LOOK OUT! I am tired already and I haven't even yet. lol
I have a new phone too, so I may be able to blog from it, it's a little screen though, so if you don't hear from me, don't worry .. I won't drown in too much history! Did I mention she is a social studies teacher? lol Have a great week while I am away!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plans for Today

1. Pray for sunshine.
2. Play Mafia Wars.
3. Shower, with soap.

4. Meet lover at Verizon
5. Have lunch at Panera with lover

6. Take a quick look at Kohl's
7. Bring lover home
8. Hope the sun is out

9. Enjoy play date with lover aka Vandy
(giggling, I like this plan)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain rain my grass needs mowed!

It's long, my grass that is. It's like shaggy dog long times three. And I am curious, whatever happened to those kids that use to push a lawnmower door to door to make some extra summer money? Have they all turned into over tanned men with bigger lawn mower's trying to break my bank account with one mowing? I do think so ...... so I think .. goats! Goats will be just fine for a week.
I am jumping back into my jammies and sticking a DVD in the player, turning the lights down low and making popcorn for lunch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cornhole anyone?

Have you heard of this new game? It's the rage, old world horseshoe, 30 year ago jarts and now "cornhole". It's a piece of painted plywood on a couple small one by two's .... OH anyway, I am building one, now painting one and then placing LSU decals on them for Vandy for Father's Day. I have the 6 out of eight beanbags (mine are filled with blackeyed peas instead of corn -- for the south) purple and yellow canvas cloth. So there is a hole in the plywood and you try and throw your beanbag in the hole, points are scored if you get it in the hole or on the board. I'll take pictures, this time I promise, when I am done.
Oh and if you are wondering about the completion of the grilling deck, it's not done yet. lol Gotta go paint and do a commissary run, out of peas!
Have a great day!