Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear Me.

Dear Me,

I am sorry I am too tired to blog tonight, and I skipped out on you yesterday too.

It's the craft mania.  No kidding.  Yesterday were wine bags and bible bags.  And don't forget I took my kiddles bowling, lunchin and Thrift Store shopping.  No luck for the wool sweaters.  AGAIN.  You know Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer show?  That person that keeps throwing up his ax and coming up empty.  That is me, exactly me, in a Goodwill or Thrift store looking for wool sweaters. 

So today I crafted with the livelovescrap girls.  We sewed.  Goodwill sweaters.  I, of course, donated fleece, lots of fleece that I BOUGHT at Joanns yesterday because I couldn't find the wool sweaters.  

I also took oreo balls.  Have you tried them?  OMGGGG  

Oreo Balls 
1 pkg oreos (NOT double stuff)
1 pkg softened cream cheese
 grind up the oreos, mix with the cream cheese
make into balls and put in freezer for 30 minutes
Dip in melted chocolate
Freeze again for 15 minutes
Drizzle with white chocolate
Freeze again

Put in tupperware or glad or whatever -- enjoy!!!

Okay, more tomorrow.  I am beat.  Crafting is kicking my butt. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Had two of my summer kids today ...

WOW, day two, I may be creating a habit.  Okay, maybe not, but I am trying. 

I had two of my summer kids today.  They were great sports.  We went to the mall to meet an EBayer for something I bought.  Two older women met me at the coffee shop to exchange the item and dollars.  They were soooo sweet and cute.  Safety you know!!!  The something I bought will be featured down the road.  Only if I remember to show you, that is, if I remember what I am going to do with them in the future. 

After the mall, we went to Joanns, after Joann's we went to Hobby Lobby because I had a $25 gift certificate and only spent 80 dollars.    We got hungry from all our shopping and had to eat, so we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch.  So, after that we went to the Goodwill for sweaters, another project I am working on, and then we headed to Walmart for some oreos, for ANOTHER project and some diet coke.  The diet coke is not part of an project except my mental stability, okay okay, that could be considered a project.  lol

So, here I am, blogging as my projects pile up in the washer and on the dining room table and in the kitchen.  I think I will show pictures of all my stuff tomorrow, today, well frankly, I am beat.  lol

I sort of feel like the kid in the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie". 

See you tomorrow all!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

(((((( GIANT hug ))))))

Poor, poor Sundries and Such blogspot, how I have neglected you.  I can not even begin to explain the travels, the trials and the tribulations, but I can say I am back today.  And will try to be back more regularly.

I have missed you, and you all.  Tell me what you have been doing!!!  Please, please, please.  I have had a few photo shoots and making holiday cheesecakes like a pastry chef.  lol

Here are a few of my favorite pictures .....
 The McNeal's.  Can you tell they like their buckeyes?
 The Bolings and Estes.  You know, I love combined family shoots!!!
And my lovely, beauitful Hicks chicks!!! 

So you see, I have been a bit busy.  Have a wonderful day as I try and get rid of my sinus (or animal allergy's) today! 

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy busy busy bees

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  I can not believe October is almost over and I have been blogless for weeks!!!!


My dear friend got married last weekend and I catered the rehearsal dinner for FORTY people!
It was fantastic and beautiful.  And I was soooooo busy, I forgot to even take PICTURES!!!!

Yellow Springs Street Fair and Enon Apple Butter came and went the second weekend of October, and I DIDN'T even consider carrying my camera because I may have had to have all my index's free to carry great buys.  HOWEVER, they seemed to carry nothing but great food!!!!!  We did get all the kids Christmas presents which is exciting since we have SIX!

And then there is all the space in between.  Busy, busy, busy!

I promise I will blog more responsibly!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Behind the curve ball ...

Yawn.  Yawn, yawn.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  I have been behind the curve ball getting ready for autumn and winter.  I have been looking for my mojo as I think I have lost it.  Have you seen it?  Honestly, look for it.  I can not find it.  Just no energy.  I think about it.  I think really hard about it.  Honestly! 


Thinking I am going to just get up and do it. 

Clean house?


Shop online? 


Okay, my friends, I am going to do SOMETHING today.  Right now!!  I am going. 


Stop pushing, I am going.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

It wasn't empty nest syndrome, I promise!!!

Total ... umm total ...... total ........... heck, what am I trying to say?

Let's see.  Did I tell you I got a new baby?  Maya, the sugar glider, the gremlin sugar glider?  The scare the crap out of me screaming attacking fastest ever sugar glider in the world?  And she is smaller than the palm of my hand?  She is nine weeks old and has the scare factor of a southern baptist mother of nine children!!!  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MeSS WITH HER!!!!  EVER!!!!!

Now, they say bonding can take up to a four months.  I now understand why.  Because she is SCARY!!!  And how something so small and precious looking squeal like, well like .....

It is called crabbing.  Turn it up loud because LOUD is exactly her sound.  Louder!!!!

Now my precious Pete barks and purrs like this .....

I love Pete.  LOVE him.  Maya, Maya scares the p-jeebies out of me.  Yes, yes I know I am bigger and how bad can it be?  BAD!!!  LOL, it wil be two weeks on Monday that I have had her.  I am seriously considering raiding Vandy's blood pressure medicine.  Or perhaps asking my neighbor for a few of those under the tongue pills for heart attacks.

Go ahead, laugh all you want.  UGHHH!

And did I mention they are nocturnal?  Now who in their right mind ever had a baby and said I LOVE being up all night with them?  WHO I ask you????  I want their name and number.   I never liked it!  NEVER!!!  So why would I even think I would like a nocturnal animal??? 

I denied to my friend and my  husband I was not suffering from empty nest syndrome!!!  Addie is still at home, how could I be suffering from that????  Well, Vandy and I went grocery shopping after his twilight testing on Thursday (another story) and I saw a mommy talking to her 1 1/2 year old in the stroller and the baby just giggling and laughing out loud.  I watch for an unusually long time, especially since I really don't like babies.  Almost long enough to become stalked like.  It even bothered me when I thought, how long have I been standing here watching this lady and her kid.  Vandy returned from returning the cart and we both got in the car.  I turned and looked at him and said, "I am suffering from empty nest syndrome, aren't I?"  He said "Yes, we knew it all along, just waiting for you to catch up with us!!!!" 

UGHHHHHH, I hate when he is right!!!!!!!!

So, I lied, it is empty nest syndrome.  Taking care of my Mom, then my Dad, the kids this summer (Addie in there when she lets me) and now marsupials! 

What was I thinking???????? 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh those college days ... where is a hall pass when you need one?

Disappointment.  Frustrated.  Where did we go wrong?  Huge disappointment.  Why you ask? 

Addie, our lovely daughter, wants to drop out of college after one month. 

Sigh.  Heavy sigh. 

She has her cosmetology license, so she has a start in a career she was/is interested in, I think. 

She is taking a political life class with an Indian professor with 400 other students and she just can not understand a word he says.  She has been to her tutor as well, still isn't liking or getting the class.  The other three classes are "okay".  We already knew she doesn't learn traditionally, but and that is obviously a big BUT, we thought perhaps college life would be a new experience and she would enjoy classes she was interested in.


And so we sent her to the Bursar's office.  No refund, too late.  However, she can drop with a withdrawal, not an incomplete or failure. 

So I ask you? 

Do we encourage her finish this quarter?
Do we say drop the Political Life class? 
Do we make her be accountable for the money the classes cost?  Pay us back the classes she drops? 
What kind of message are we sending?

The good news is, she is covered medically until she is 21.  She already has a part time job.

Oh , did I tell you she wrecked her car AGAIN.  This time, undriveable.

Ughhh.  Parenting sucks today. 

Can I get a hall pass please? 

Monday, September 27, 2010

exhausted ....

I really had all intentions of writing some amazing stories of our weekend.  Country Living, The Crowne Plaza and Goodwill hunting.  And I will.

But not today.

I am tired.

Very very very tired.

Partying like a RoCk StAr is exhausting.  And being reminded that I am no longer 25 was pretty exhausting too. 

I also have an errand to run today.  I am off to go get Pete's girlfriend.  I know.  Arranged marriages are out, but think about it.  Really think about it.  I could pick some amazing boyfriends for Addie, however, I will restrain.  Pete meets Maya today!!! 

And that is all the energy I have today.

Really exhausted.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off to Party Like RoCk StAr

Hi all!  One of my dear friends is getting married next month and her bachelorette party is this weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Columbus Ohio.  It is a themed party, 50's.  I love themed parties, truly I do.  BUT when they send me a picture of Audrey Hephurn in those skinny capri's, HECK NO!  Katharine is more my style.  I think I will make sure the hair and makeup are perfect and the outfit will fall into place!!!  Right ???  Right???  RIGHT???  RIGHT?????  RIGHT!!!!!!

No matter what, I am going to have a blast with these girls!

What I am even more excited about is Friday and Saturday day.  Me, the future bride and her Mom are going up early so we can spend two "days" at the Country Living Fair in Columbus!!!  I can hardly wait!!!  Of course I will take lots of pictures to share with everyone!!!

So this is my inspiration picture ....

My Mom is on the far right.  This is 60's but who's counting?
She was a rock star before Rock Star's were cool!

Two days of flowers, just as nice.

Yesterday brightened so many faces with a field of sunflowers, I thought I would give a shot at a picture after I picked every one of my day lily blooms.  I know it's not all poetic or silly or enlightening, but they are just too lovely to keep to myself today!

I love reds, oranges and yellows together, boy did God have this one right!

I love the bright yellow throat of this lily and the ruffle around the leaves.  Enjoy the day my friends!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sunflowers on route 68

How do you not love sunflowers on Route 68?  Well, you just love them.  Every year this farmer plants a field of sunflowers right outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  They are just lovely and I wanted to share my sunshine with you today!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is there anything better than ....

Is there anything better than (what)

Okay, here are my questions and answers, see if you can beat them!!!

Is there anything better than leftover prime rib?
Is there anything better than Ohio's Silver Queen corn on the cob with Amish butter?
Is there anything better than the first snow fall, the first sign of spring, the smell of autumn in the air and summertime in the pool?
Is there anything better than a COLD Budlight after spending hours doing yard work?
And is there anything better than that simple touch a husband gives you while you are doing dishes and then he whispers that was delicious babe?
Or the smell of apple pie from fresh picked apples on a family day at the orchard?
Is there anything better than the delicate touch of a child, just when they take your hand or touch your face?
Is there anything better than a really good football game with lots of cheers and ohhhhhs? 
Is there anything better than a good memory?
AND I can say, there is nothing better than a perfectly toasted marshmellow on a cool light breezy evening ... well, besides putting the whole thing in your mouth!!!! 

Of course I have a ton more, these were just to get you started ... I had a hard time stopping ... like family reunions, game night with the kids, skiing, vacations, a good book.  Okay okay, I am going, eesh! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

My friend Gabri

I adore this child.  She is my BFF's youngest daughter Gabriella.  Gabriella also has a few alias, such as G, Gabri, Gabby, Gab and of course all those other terms of endearment.  She is youngest of six and has had a few trials in her young life.  At the age of two she was hospitalized for two weeks.  They thought it was pneumonia, and at some time it probably was, but the poor thing just kept getting sicker and sicker.  They were draining fluid off her lungs every other day and the fever was just horrific.  Eventually the doctors said we have done all we can do, prayer is what they recommended.  So we all prayed, we had been praying, we just continued what came naturally to all of us.  God answers our prayers.  He answered.  G's fever broke.  It took a few more days to get her strength up, but she was home a few days after Christmas. 

So, now at the age of 9 (my personal favorite age for kids).  She wants to be a veterinarian.  She LOVES to fix and find broken creatures.  She is the animal whisperer.  She wants a horse.  Heck, I want a horse.  I just don't want more "chores", and Gabri has a Mom to do most of her chores, well and two older sisters.  So anyway, Gabri is my hero of the week.

P.S.  We have something else in common.  Gabri is the reason I have Pete, because she has Lucy.  And we all have play dates.   (Remember, Pete is my sugar glider.  Lucy is Gabri's sugar glider.  Lucy is not as nice as Pete.  Pete is super cool and friendly.  G said if anything happens to Lucy, she gets Pete because she is the reason I have Pete.)  Oh the funny things children say!!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What to do today

It is 0453.  I am not super happy about this time of the morning.

Vandy is asleep upstairs.  I am perfectly okay with him being asleep in our bedroom.

The girls decided to sleep in the cottage.  I have mixed emotions about this arrangement.  Am I jealous?  Am I worried everything won't be exactly as I have arranged it?  Is my brain thinking I am going to have to do MORE laundry now?  I am not totally sure where the anxiety is coming from.  I did love that they were SUPER excited about sleeping out there.  Addie, our baby, last one out of the nest child, and her bff Erica, just love the cottage.  And, this is Addie's third night sleeping out there.  (no worries, Vandy was on the couch until 0359 listening for intruders)   Addie says, "Mom, it is so peaceful.  There is no one to bother my thoughts."  Hmm, does she mean me?  Because she has her cell phone glued to her right hand.   And for sure cell phones bother my thoughts. 

So, with everyone where they should be, me and my Pete are typing at the laptop.  Pete you ask?  Oh, Pete is my "new" baby.  He is a marsupial.  Pete is a nocturnal marsupial.  He is in my hoodie right now.  Oh, you want to see a picture of him?  I warn you, it is NOT the best picture I have taken.  He is super fast.  Pete is super fun too, if only I were nocturnal.

Pete, the sugar glider.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The WINNER is ......

I am excited!!  I wanted to put the quote up on the door before I announced the winner, that would be cool wouldn't it?  However, I am a bit behind this morning, SO I will do that later today and post it later this week.  BUT it does not take away from the winner.  EXCEPT, I want to post my top 5 first.  Maria, from personalizedsketchesandsentiments posted a great bible verse, Matthew 7:7!!!

Becky, "Follow your bliss and doors will open for you." by Joseph Campbell

Pondside "Don't spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door", by Coco Chanel!

Sara, "Every wall is a door", was super cute.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny Matlock you know I love Winnie the Pooh!  "When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don't eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out."  It makes me want to go grab the fresh honey I bought at the farmers market this weekend and tilt my head back and squirt it into my mouth until it is full!

So, drum roll please!!!!  

P.J.  Please send me your address!!!!

"Not knowing
when dawn will come,
I open every door."
Emily Dickinson 

Ya'll once again, thank you so much for visiting my blog and please come back and see me.  I love the contest thing and giving away fun little make me smile gifts! 
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another cousin story ...

Good morning all!  I have to say I am not looking forward to trying to PICK ONE saying for my door on the cottage.  It is killing me!!!!  They are all so amazingly good.  heavy sigh.  a good heavy sigh, but still a heavy sigh. 

Anyway, for the Sunday story and picture (remember I told you I would show you this amazing potting bench/table that my cousin Larry built for me).  Cousin Larry (AN AMAZING CARPENTER)  is my second cousin, Jenny's first cousin, which yes, makes Jenny my second cousin too.  Growing up this was a difficult thing to follow because Jenny's Mom was my Dad's Aunt, which made her my great Aunt and, they were only like a couple years apart (Dad and Aunt Rosalee), (well me and Jenny too).  And frankly, in the Hrovatic family, second wasn't really an option.  And cousin Larry was a boy and the boys always got to do really cool things, like hunt and fish and play ball and during family reunions I had to be a girl.  UGHHHHhhhhh  UNTIL one family reunion at Grange Hall, the men were playing cards and the women were talking and cooking and organizing, but I saw my cousin Jenny bring in this case and pull out this AMAZING instrument.  I was glued to her.  She started (bet you didn't know this about Jenny)  singing and playing that guitar and I knew instantly I wanted to be a first cousin and play the guitar and make up my own songs and sing and be just like her!  I told my parents I want a guitar for Christmas, nothing else, that's what I want, pleasepleaseplease.  AND I got it, woohoooooo, but I forgot to ask for lessons to go with my new shiny guitar.

Have I mentioned I can't sing, or carry a tune or even clap with the music at church, let alone the radio?  It's all good though, I have other "mad" skills. 

So back to my other "second" cousin Larry.  He is a fabulous cousin and we do trips with him and his wife Chris.  We golf together.  We fish together.  We have parties together.  We hike and camp together.  We snow ski together.  He was very close with my parents, like a son in some aspects.  And remember, he was my Dad's first cousin.  (eyeroll)  Anyway, I do need to get back on track here ................ this past President's Day we went skiing in Michigan.  We do an annual trip to Boyne as part of our vacation package we own and we MAKE them come with us.  We have SOOOoooooo much fun with them. 

This past winter after a great day on the slopes I said to Cousin Larry (the super talented carpenter cousin), HEY, you remember that three legged table you made Chris and you said you would make me one and you haven't?  (He gave me the very familiar Hrovatic look) Yes he said.  I said, well I don't want that anymore, I want this!  And I showed him a picture of this bench from some very chic' magazine.  I said I am NOT paying $795 dollars for it, so make it for me ...pppleeeeeeeeassssseeee!!!  He rolled his eyes and took the magazine.  I had been waiting for that three legged table for ten years now, so I knew I would never see the bench!

SO, Addie graduates from high school this past May and we have a party.  I wanted the cottage done, but it wasn't, but Larry hadn't seen any of it.  Larry and Chris are sitting on our back porch when we get home from the graduation and I am soooo excited to see them!  I said, have you seen my cottage, never mind Addie just graduated high school????  They said no, we were waiting for you!  So we take the hike back there and I am rambling and rambling and I see this thing in my cottage!! 

Legs down.
Both legs opened up.
One leg opened up.
The beautiful hickory grain.
OH MY GOODNESS!  I hug Larry.  I hug Chris.  I hug Larry again!!   Larry says hold on, it isn't finished.  I am like huh, what???  He said, well the wood is bare, I know you PAINT EVERYTHING.  No, I am not going to paint this bench!  I LOVE it!!!!  Can you believe he made this from a picture??  Mine is better.  Just saying!!

So, after that long winded story.  I will have the winner posted tomorrow!!!!!!!!  And no, you can not have my bench.  teeheeee

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Prize

WOW, the responses have been phenomenal!!  YOUR ideas are amazing for the door quote!  Debbie, I did think about chalkboard paint, and Hudson Paints has a wide range of different colors so it wouldn't necessarily have to be black, which I didn't want, but I don't like how chalk feels in my hands.  LOL  Weird, I know because I am a die hard crafter, but it is the ONLY thing I can't really stand to touch often.  Which you will really find funny by the end of this post. 

I would love each of you to come and visit, for a cup of java or a glass of wine or even a sleepover. teeheee My Aunt Joanne and Uncle Chuck came over from Columbus today and we ended up just sitting back there visiting for the afternoon.  It was SO nice!  She asked me how I came up with the idea and it was simple, I told her.  I had done a basement remodel last winter and SO wanted a wall of doors (Have I mentioned I have an obsession with old doors), but instead I did two walls of fabric. (Which was a lot of fabric)  So, anyway, I had seen a greenhouse of windows and I started thinking, hmmmmm you can do that with doors I bet and in no time I had my team (Builder Jim and Vandy) convinced it would be cool and cheaper than a real shed.  Cheaper is not relevant in this conversation.  And that is how the cottage came to life.  It really isn't a potting shed, although it could be if I really wanted it to be, because my cousin Larry made me this super cool potting bench, which will lead me to tomorrow's blog!!!

So I know you are dieing to know what the giveaway is, aren't you?????  I am seriously dieing to show you!!

Don't you love it???  You can write whatever you want on it in chalk or dry erase markers.  (back to that touch thing)  I can not say how well the dry erase markers work long term.  I have only had it on for a day and washed it off. 
BUT I LOVE THESE BANNERS!!!!!!   They are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, any celebrations or just a fun decor for the backyard or a kids room.  I have made a few for Addie's college friends for their dorm rooms!  I have to say, this is not my original idea.   I had seen them a couple years ago at a craft show and searched high and low again to buy them, but couldn't find them, so I did what crafter's do.  Trial and error, and now I make them for family and friends. I had not seen them using dry erase markers and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE using all the cool colors that are out there now!!

So, keep submitting your quotes and please feel free to become a follower on my blog, and you could be the lucky owner of this banner!  It will be on it's way to you Monday if you are selected for my door!!!  I am super duper excited for the winner already!  

P.S.  As soon as I get my email to work in blogland I will be sending you emails, I am just not figuring it out when I go to your blogs, it won't let me!  BIG FROWN!  

P.S.S.  I truly have enjoyed reading your blogs and your comments.  They make me smile. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Finale of the Gardener's Cottage

Hi!!!  Hello!!!  Bonjour!!  I am so excited that I get to give something super cool away!!!  Did I say SUPER cool!!!  It is super cool!!   Everyone will want one, so make sure you help me out with the quote for my cottage.  Remember, from yesterday's post?  If you don't, I will explain again at the end of this post!!

And finally the last outside wall.  Old doors are just AWESOME!!!

Vandy installed a fan for me just in case I get too hot in the cottage.  I have to say, this is the only ceiling fan we own.  He can NOT stand them.  They dry his eyes out.  I took this picture from the perch (ie the loft). 

How cool is this ladder???  My girlfriend, the owner of in Fairborn Ohio, Katie suggested this ladder that she had when I told her I was going ladder shopping for the cottage.  Don't you love how I put every one in my posts?  LOL  After a few tweaks, and figuring out how to not have this HUGE ladder taking up permanent floor space, viola'!!!  I love how it looks, up or down!!!
And finally the pale pink spot I want to put a quote on!  Inspirational for sure.  So, all you need to do is between now and Sunday, post  your favorite quote, saying, or words on my blog and the one that moves me the most and gets posted to my door wins the COOLEST gift of all.  I'll blog about that tomorrow.  I really want to say thank you all for visiting my blog and I hope you continue to be a part of this blogging experience with me! 

To go to the first post about the Little Cottage - just click here
To go to the second post about the Little Cottage - just click here
To go to the third post about the Little Cottage - just click here

To be eligible for the giveaway, leave a comment to this post with your favorite quote, saying or word.  I will pick my favorite to paint on the door.   Winner will be announced on Monday, September 13th on this blog.

Part 3 of a Gardeners Cottage

Ah, thank you all  for stopping by from Jenny's to visit my gardeners cottage.  It just made me so warm and fuzzy inside, better than hot cocoa on a new winter's day!  I have a few more pictures to share with you today and then perhaps tomorrow I will run a little contest as a thank you for all your comments.  Although I rarely enter, because I never win, I absolutely LOVE giving my projects away.  Right Jenny??  teeeheeee

I gathered these sconces at McMaster and Storm in Greenville Ohio.  If you haven't seen their cute little notions you must stop by and check out their store, .  I just knew when I saw them I had to have them and they have been in my artist studio for a few years (not the girls from McMaster and Storm, the sconces), safely tucked away for the perfect project!
A picture of the south side of the cottage. 
I love the full wall of doors on the back of my cottage, a little privacy please.  I grabbed these doors in Brookville from an old brick farmhouse, well all except the skinny door.  My girlfriend Lisa gave it to me.  She called it clutter!  Hmmph!  And the window I HAD to have, HAD to have when I saw it in a shop on Route 68 between Springfield and Yellow Springs.  It has been just laying around for two lonely years and now it finally has a home!  I can not wait for the hot weather to break so I can finally paint all the "nekkid" wood as my husband Vandy likes to call it!

I will definitely blog more tomorrow about the loft and show you some really cool problem solving ideas for getting up in the cute lil thing!  Anyway, see the stairs?  See the window, look beside the window and under the stairs to the brown door (this is like a scavenger hunt, lol)  Okay there is the palest of pink area on the brown door that I want to put a quote on (getting the picture?).  So this is where the contest comes into play.  Submit your quotes and the one I pick will get one of the coolest gifts of all time.  Oh, okay, maybe not as cool as a HGTV house or a Vern makeover, but this is really cool.  So, come back tomorrow and I will have some more pictures for you, DO NOT forget your quotes! 

Have a great day!
Did you see Part 2 of a Gardeners Cottage?   You missed it!   Accckkkk!   Just click here to go there right now!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Part 2 - Cottage Details

I am is excited to show you the inside of the cottage!!!  Honestly, I wish I could have each and every one of you over for lunch in my Gardener's Cottage.  I have no idea when the gardening shed turned into the cottage, but I am overjoyed about it and want to share it ALL with you! 

Can you contain your excitement?

WAIT, JUST ONE QUESTION .... Do you think you will share this blog with your friends?  I'd like that, because it is super cool!!!  And everyone should rush out and get a husband and a Jim the builder to make you one just like it!!!   Ready?  I know, I am rambling ..... okay, enough waiting .....

Welcome!!  I LOVE this kitchen table.  I grew up eating on this table.  My parents met in Turkey while they were both in the Air Force and this was one of their first purchases.  The chairs are from Vandy's parents house.  They grew up sitting at these chairs, talking world news, local happenings and sharing family meals, just like us.  So I just think this is a perfect spot to work on my computer, read emails, do a few small craft projects or have a couple friends over for lunch or a nice bottle of wine!!
The floor color is awesome too and only took SIX coats of paint to make it perty!!!

This is a twin iron bed that Vandy bought on one of his tours.  It is really CUTE and I just ADORE the peace sign pillow I found at Kohl's for 1/2 price!!!

On one of my door explorations I found this guy on Craigslist that had 4 old doors for 40 bucks.  I was like I am on my way!!!!  Normally the doors around here run for 35 to 75 bucks a piece, so four for forty, whats a two hour drive to Mansfield???  LOL  So, I get there and he says this door just fell over and the old fashioned glass broke right out of it, I'll understand if you don't want it.  I am thinking, DUDE, I just drove 2 hours ONE way, and am saving about 100 bucks, I am taking the broken lead paint peeling door!!!  
When Jim the builder, also my next door neighbor, came over to help me unload them I thought he turned into cousin Larry and was thinking, SHE HAS LOST HER MIND, this isn't even worth burning!!!  Anyway, I thought a mirror would be perfect in a cottage, even if I get startled sometimes when I see myself looking back at me!

And this last shot (oh calm down, I will post more interior shots tomorrow), is from me sitting on the bed looking towards the back of our house.  I love the paper lanterns and pale beads in the evening, just enough light to be romantic and cozy.  We have already had a sleepover (camp out in Vandy's words) in it.   A twin bed at 47 and 56 ..... young at heart is all I can say!!!

So tomorrow you get to see the details, the cool ladder, the bird cage and the loft!!  Yes, my cottage has a loft!!! 

You want to come over, don't you??? 

See you tomorrow!!!!!

Did you see Part One of the Cottage Details?   You didn't?   Just click here to go there now!  

Sharing my little piece of fun (Part 1)

It has been a long time in the planning stages, and then the execution took a bit longer than I had planned.  It is quite a funny story actually. 

I had seen a greenhouse made out of windows.  And I wanted a place to put all my tools and potting things, but not necessarily a greenhouse.  Yes, we have a shed, a 10 x 16 shed, but Vandy (my husband) had it filled up.  I am serious when I say full.  One day I will sneak out there and take a picture of it for you, you'll freak!   It gives a whole new meaning to the words full and filled up!!! 

So anyway, I have this obsession with old doors.  I LOVE them.   So I get this vision going in my head.   Hmmm, I talked to my neighbor.  My neighbor is Jim the builder.  Jim the builder is 70 years old and has had open heart surgery twice.  Jim the builder said no problem.  And I talk to my cousin Larry and he thinks I have flipped my lid AGAIN!!  So, I set out looking for the perfect doors for my idea.  Vandy works so hard I didn't want him to have another project on his plate.  And Jim, yes that Jim, said it would be fairly easy, we don't need to bother Vandy with the details.  AND, Jim the builder is always looking for something to do to keep him active.  Well, four and half months later and Vandy working a bit on it every weekend, my vision is complete.  Jim the builder quit after the vision was framed and doors were in place.  It got hot outside this summer and Vandy wanted to take over. And we were both a little frightened the heart attack number three might occur in our backyard.  Jim the builder assured me he was and is fine!!!   So, after all of the passing of the hammers and power tools between the men, and the two little spats about the roof pitch and skylights, I got to make it pretty.  

Here is a taste of "A Gardener's Cottage" 

View from our back porch.
The cottage.
Just in case you don't know where you are in our backyard.
The front porch.  This was Vandy's idea .. to use up my barn siding. 

My cottage of old doors and windows and barn siding and molding.  You want to peek in the windows don't you???  It is okay to admit it.  Heck, I WANT to peek in the windows.  Well, you guessed it.  Part two is the inside tour of the cottage and more storytelling tomorrow!

You can wait, I assure you!!!!!

If you want to go to Part Two, you can just click here now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Made it back from summer fun

What a wonderful summer I have had babysitting and playing with three 8 year olds and a 9 year old.  We just had a blast!  Swimming, traveling, sight seeing, exploring, cooking ... it was incredible!  And not ONE photo!  I know.  I know, what an idiot!!!  Okay, I have one photo from the last day.  Here it is. 

Cason and my sister, but honestly that is it.  I don't know why, it just was so busy I didn't even think about grabbing my camera! 

Sooooo, the cottage is finished.  I know you are dieing to see it, because I am dieing to show you.  But, you have to wait until tomorrow.  It's Labor Day and my husband is home and I get to enjoy him all day!!!!

So, I will see you all tomorrow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wasted away again ..

in budlight land .. not really. 

We are just working really hard to get the neglected yard prime again.  And my other project done, oh and that one too! 

Sooo, miss me for today.  Tomorrow I will teach you how to milk corn!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why wait you ask?

Why wait?  I know for a month or so now I have been telling you about my outdoor project.  And we are so close to finishing I can hardly contain my excitement.  Sooooooo close.  And I could be doing things in it, BUT Vandy has laid the finishing touches in it and I can't do ANYTHING until he finishes his part!   I am holding in my frustration, honestly I am, but yesterday, when he told me he had a WHOLE day left to finish up, I freaked inside my head. 


He wants to go to the airshow this weekend.  Where is a whole day in his schedule?  I am kid free today and tomorrow.  FREE I tell you.  I could finish my project.  A WHOLE DAY in Vandy world is like 10 days.  I barely wanted to go on vacation last week because I was so excited about completing my _______________!!!!!!!! 

heavy sigh

I guess I will sew today. 

AND .....

 get the seam ripper out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why on Wednesday ...

Why on Wednesday do I feel the need to get out of the house and shop for something amazing, that I really don't need.  I have Alex today (the 9 year old girl I watch) and she is a great sport when it comes to getting up and going, but the problem I am having this morning is ..... I had Monday and Tuesday to do whatever I wanted and what I wanted was to veg.  (that last vacation whipped me)  SO, I did NOTHING! 

So here I am, in my jammies, putting of the ritual of "cleaning up", "getting ready", because my piggy bank is fairly empty and I want to go rummaging around some junk stores.    If the truth be told, I hate shopping alone.  I HATE it.  And since Addie has decided to be independent and is never home and Vandy works ALOT, I just feel like I need to surround myself with projects.  It is not an empty nest thing, even when the nest is full I have done this.

So I am rambling.  Get up me, get up.   Okay, okay I am going.  I hope you all have a wonderful day of somethings. 

P.S.  If I do find something really cool I will for sure let you know!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So right after Louisiana ...

We took all of our kids to the Keys for the week of 4th of July.  It was our belated Christmas/birthday presents for 2009/2010!  Rachel had been in Mali for 2 years and we really wanted a family vacation.  It was totally awesome to have all the kids together.  We ate, we snorkeled, we kayaked, we fished and we ate some more!!!
(Ben, Christy, Rachel, Justin and Annie in the front row, me, Vandy and Addie in the back row)
We had a beautiful evening watching the firework show over the waters!
We went swimming and kayaking for a sunset trip.  Rachel, Christy, Ben, Addie, Vandy and me relaxing in the water before the sun went down.  Justin and Annie were relaxing on the mini island.
We went deep sea fishing and I didn't catch a single fish.  Addie caught the biggest fish, a barracuda, scary scary fish!  She was sore for a couple days after reeling that big guy in!
And what would the Florida Keys be without a prefect sunset the last night of vacation. 


Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation sometimes leads me ....

Louisiana has amazing food!!!!  This is my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Tom.  They recently built a log cabin home and host the most amazing crawfish boils when we come to visit! 

This is the group of adults before the crawfish feast!  My cousin Josh, my cousin Erica's husband Wayne (crawfish provider), Erica, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Tom, Vandy, me, Jennifer and my cousin Heath.  Oh, and the little one in the corner is Nate, Erica and Wayne's youngest.  We have way too much fun when we are together!

And after we had this huge crawfish boil we went to my cousin Michael and Michelle's house for swimming and a cooking class for the girls.  Aunt Rachel, Aunt Jean, Erica, Hannah, Michelle, Lindsey, Jennifer, me, Missy and Aunt Rebecca Ann.  The men were totally impressed with the meal!!

And of course the main reason for our trip to Louisiana is so Vandy could spend Father's Day with his dad, Mr. Charles.  He is 82 years old and man, does he get around!!!!  It was a great visit with family!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Louisiana there I was

I celebrated ANOTHER birthday on 17 June.  It was uneventful, although I tell people that my husband flew me into New Orleans for dinner, which he did, we ate at Popeye's.  lol 

See his Daddy isn't doing well, or so we thought, but at 82 ... WOW, I hope I am not doing as well at 82, because he is doing fantastic!  So then we went and saw my Mom's side of the family and it was just as great!  We spent one night with my Aunt Betty Jo and Uncle John which was very nice and then the rest of the time with Uncle Tom and Aunt Rachel which was great!!  My cousin Michael and his wife Michelle had us over for a swim and to cool off the pool they put HUGE ice blocks in it!  lol  I laughed and laughed!!!

I also did a cooking class for my Aunts and female cousins and it was soooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!  Man did we laugh a lot!

So, getting back to my birthday.  I got some really cool presents, homemade and store bought, but you know the best ones are thought out and tender to my heart.  My cousin Jenny, a home made plaque of sorts that I can't wait to hang in my cottage, another raft for my pool and just wishes on facebook.  It was a nice quiet birthday.   I may even post some pictures later this week. 

So anyway, it was a great weekend.  And thank you all for my wishes!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying Tuesday

Now, I probably will only have kiddle stories!  lol  Alex is here bright and early this morning, next crew arrives at 9 and then next one at 9:30am.  I am excited and frightened!!  Frightened you ask?  I am watching a bambino for the first time in YEARS!!!!  Okay, she is one and cute as a button, but still!  You get me???  Diapers?????  No words!!!!  DIAPERS!!!  DIRTY, nasty diapers!!!  I'll be fine.  ::::::::::chanting::::::::::: 

Okay, gotta run!   Wish me luck!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Day

Today I have nothing but girls with me.  I am not sure I disclosed that I am babysitting this summer.  I know, getting Addie out of the house and turning around and filling it up with youngins!  Well, they are potty trained and barely talk back and they think I am super cool.  And I am super cool!

So, today some shopping, some swimming, some cooking and lots of giggles!

I thought I'd give you another sneak peek of my summer project before they get here though!  Ready? 

I bet you can figure it out, it is really super cool now ... as soon as they get the rest up, I will post it!  MINE MINE MINE! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you remember "Are You My Mother" and other things?

About a month ago when I was "helping" the baby cardinal, I said I would post a picture of "Are you my Mother" birdy.  Here he is.  I know it is a he because a girl would never keep jumping out of a perfectly good nest.  tee heee
And then there is my love of peonies.  I love them!  I am just a tad sad that they don't last very long, especially with Ohio rains.  The ants never really bother me, a good shake and they are gone before you get in the house!  I also adore sharing them with my girlfriends. 
And the last thing for Sunday's post of other things is this delicious looking dessert plate.  I honestly can't remember what this dessert plate was for, it is just lost in my memory somewhere, but I do remember DELICIOUS!

And I know you all are waiting for hint three about my project in the backyard.  Aren't you?  Well, you'll have to beg now.  teeheeeee

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Posting

Have I mentioned that I love rainy days?  I do.  I LOVE them!  I love the fact that nature is taking care of it's self, and I get to reap the benefits.  No over watering or under watering, no hose stretched from here to there.  It's nice.

BUT ......

I can't paint in the rain.  I need to do some painting.  Patience, right?  So, it's going to be an afternoon of movies for me.  And kickin' it.  Oh, oh, you want to know what I was going to paint?  teeeheeee

Sneak peek #2, see below!

Vandy, the developer.

Jim, the builder.

Cody, the laborer.

Getting an idea yet?  Stay tuned!!!!