Monday, December 27, 2010

(((((( GIANT hug ))))))

Poor, poor Sundries and Such blogspot, how I have neglected you.  I can not even begin to explain the travels, the trials and the tribulations, but I can say I am back today.  And will try to be back more regularly.

I have missed you, and you all.  Tell me what you have been doing!!!  Please, please, please.  I have had a few photo shoots and making holiday cheesecakes like a pastry chef.  lol

Here are a few of my favorite pictures .....
 The McNeal's.  Can you tell they like their buckeyes?
 The Bolings and Estes.  You know, I love combined family shoots!!!
And my lovely, beauitful Hicks chicks!!! 

So you see, I have been a bit busy.  Have a wonderful day as I try and get rid of my sinus (or animal allergy's) today! 

Hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Ugh! Sinus issues! I had a sinus headache today; it's finally gone.

    Love the pics, btw. I've been away for days and it feels like weeks. I spent time with my family and caught up on some sleep. Ahhhhhhh.......

  2. I love all the pictures, but especially the last one of the girls holding the frame! How clever! Sorry to hear about your sinus troubles. I get them all the time, too! Yuck!
    Happy New Year!

  3. I'm sorry about the sinus stuff, sweet cuz! I'm wicked behind on everything here...e-mails, thank you's, everything. I loved my goblets. They were gorgeous. And so are you! Sorry my Christmas offering was so not handmade-homemade-or creative this year.

    Some years are all about treading water!