Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear Me.

Dear Me,

I am sorry I am too tired to blog tonight, and I skipped out on you yesterday too.

It's the craft mania.  No kidding.  Yesterday were wine bags and bible bags.  And don't forget I took my kiddles bowling, lunchin and Thrift Store shopping.  No luck for the wool sweaters.  AGAIN.  You know Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer show?  That person that keeps throwing up his ax and coming up empty.  That is me, exactly me, in a Goodwill or Thrift store looking for wool sweaters. 

So today I crafted with the livelovescrap girls.  We sewed.  Goodwill sweaters.  I, of course, donated fleece, lots of fleece that I BOUGHT at Joanns yesterday because I couldn't find the wool sweaters.  

I also took oreo balls.  Have you tried them?  OMGGGG  

Oreo Balls 
1 pkg oreos (NOT double stuff)
1 pkg softened cream cheese
 grind up the oreos, mix with the cream cheese
make into balls and put in freezer for 30 minutes
Dip in melted chocolate
Freeze again for 15 minutes
Drizzle with white chocolate
Freeze again

Put in tupperware or glad or whatever -- enjoy!!!

Okay, more tomorrow.  I am beat.  Crafting is kicking my butt. 


  1. Oh and if you have leftover chocolate, lay out some more parchment paper and cover it with kettle corn or other popped corn and drizzle it with the chocolate, ANOTHER GREAT munchie!

  2. You are so cool, Allie!

    You know you're my idol, right?

    Wishing you every joy and happiness in the New Year!

    Keep on being you, lovely girl.

    The world is a better place for it!