Sunday, May 27, 2012

The stupid C word!

It has been a nonstop whirlwind around here for months!  So, I haven't really thought out my blogging and setting time to just "invest" in my blog.  I am going to make it a priority though. 

A few months ago when Vandy and I traveled to Louisiana for Easter.  We drove.  Took Charlie.  And gifts for all my favorite cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.  I love giving!!  On our way down, our family doctor called and Vandy put her on speaker phone.  Vandy had finally gone in to have this spot looked at on his face after I wouldn't let it go.  So the doc said the spot on your face looks like it could be pre-cancerish, but the results showed little, so she prescribed a tube of cream, at 90 buckaroos for him to use on his face.  I personally thought, not a bad price for a cancer free face.  BUT, then she says we need you to come back in so we can REMOVE the spot on your leg.  I almost hit him while he was driving because I didn't know he had a spot on his leg!!!!  I was LIVID.  He just plays it off, I demand for him to pull over and pull down his pants and let me look at it.  Precancer he says, not cancer.  OMG, they are going to REMOVE "it".  I need to see "it"!

Vandy makes the appointment for the following week.  Has the inpatient "surgery" and never says a word about it to me.  I have finally seen the crater in his leg, UGH!  So, I start to think.  I have a few spots.  One on each hand, one on my leg, one on my arm, perhaps I should go get a check up.  I DO NOT discuss this with my secret hiding husband.  I DO send him an email when I get home from the doctor.  It went something like this"

Good news, Bad News:
Good news, my blood pressure is good.  Bad news, I need to lose a few pounds.
Good news, I can start weening myself off of my celexa.  Bad news, it's going to take a month.
Good news, I do not have skin cancer, Bad news, those spots are AGE SPOTS!!!!!  

AGE SPOTS!!!  I am having Pre-50 birthday party next month and I have AGE SPOTS!  I AM NOT FIFTY yet, cut me some slack.  GRRRRRRRRRR 

Good news, I do not have skin cancer. 

I did warn all my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, all of my family about sunscreen and my worries about skin cancer.  Of course, we watched a couple of softball games while we were there and walked Charlie, SPF free. 

However, today I used 20 SPF.  It was 94 degrees in Enon Ohio out by the pool.  I know I should use 30, but I went from Johnson's Baby Oil as a 13 year old, to Hawaiian Tropic Oil as a teenager and early 20's, to Hawaiian Tropic SPF 4  from late 20's to 48 to 20 SPF at 48 years, 11 months and a few odd days.   

I am a skin cancer free work in progress.

But I still hate the stupid C word!