Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shheeeeeee's Baaacccccckkkkk!


I know, I know.  That Wednesday last month was a looonnnng time ago.  I had family issues, Addie issues.  The "I am 18" card.  I think she knows now she is 18, but Mommy and Daddie are the bank and rulers of this castle.  Enough of that update!  lol

I have been feeling blueish too, tired, non creative which is SOooo not me.  So, I did it!!!!  I went to the doctor.  Now in my defense for not going sooner, Doctor Sarah has been on maternity leave, so how could I go?  lol 

Anyway, they did a complete blood work up.  And well, she's a bit umm, well, upset that I have waited so long to come in ... I am also going to have a CAT scan.  Something is up with the stomach liver region.  no worries my friends, I am in God's hands no matter what.  Have a little faith.   

I promise to keep you updated.  And I promise to try and get some creativity going on this blog.  See you soon!