Sunday, May 27, 2012

The stupid C word!

It has been a nonstop whirlwind around here for months!  So, I haven't really thought out my blogging and setting time to just "invest" in my blog.  I am going to make it a priority though. 

A few months ago when Vandy and I traveled to Louisiana for Easter.  We drove.  Took Charlie.  And gifts for all my favorite cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.  I love giving!!  On our way down, our family doctor called and Vandy put her on speaker phone.  Vandy had finally gone in to have this spot looked at on his face after I wouldn't let it go.  So the doc said the spot on your face looks like it could be pre-cancerish, but the results showed little, so she prescribed a tube of cream, at 90 buckaroos for him to use on his face.  I personally thought, not a bad price for a cancer free face.  BUT, then she says we need you to come back in so we can REMOVE the spot on your leg.  I almost hit him while he was driving because I didn't know he had a spot on his leg!!!!  I was LIVID.  He just plays it off, I demand for him to pull over and pull down his pants and let me look at it.  Precancer he says, not cancer.  OMG, they are going to REMOVE "it".  I need to see "it"!

Vandy makes the appointment for the following week.  Has the inpatient "surgery" and never says a word about it to me.  I have finally seen the crater in his leg, UGH!  So, I start to think.  I have a few spots.  One on each hand, one on my leg, one on my arm, perhaps I should go get a check up.  I DO NOT discuss this with my secret hiding husband.  I DO send him an email when I get home from the doctor.  It went something like this"

Good news, Bad News:
Good news, my blood pressure is good.  Bad news, I need to lose a few pounds.
Good news, I can start weening myself off of my celexa.  Bad news, it's going to take a month.
Good news, I do not have skin cancer, Bad news, those spots are AGE SPOTS!!!!!  

AGE SPOTS!!!  I am having Pre-50 birthday party next month and I have AGE SPOTS!  I AM NOT FIFTY yet, cut me some slack.  GRRRRRRRRRR 

Good news, I do not have skin cancer. 

I did warn all my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, all of my family about sunscreen and my worries about skin cancer.  Of course, we watched a couple of softball games while we were there and walked Charlie, SPF free. 

However, today I used 20 SPF.  It was 94 degrees in Enon Ohio out by the pool.  I know I should use 30, but I went from Johnson's Baby Oil as a 13 year old, to Hawaiian Tropic Oil as a teenager and early 20's, to Hawaiian Tropic SPF 4  from late 20's to 48 to 20 SPF at 48 years, 11 months and a few odd days.   

I am a skin cancer free work in progress.

But I still hate the stupid C word!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am a WINNER!!!

I NEVER win.  I won though!  WON I tell you.  Mother's Day I went to my new favorite nursery, Bonnie's Nursery in Springfield Ohio. 

First of all, they are just so stinking nice there.  I mean it.  Friendly.  Helpful.  Kind.  Resourceful.  And down right nice!!!

Secondly, they have a great selection of flowers, shrubs, sun and shade loving, just a great selection of plants.  And you know as a gardener, a good selection is important. 

So anyway, Mother's Day weekend I went in and got my planter flowers and the walkway flowers and for every 50 bucks you spend you got to enter into a $150 drawing!  So I entered.  And a week later I got this most amazing phone call saying MY name was drawn.  I am the WINNER!  I WON!!!  I almost tinkled in my panties with shock and excitement!!! 

Me and our new tree!!

I went this weekend with Vandy to pick out the beautiful whatever I want for 150 bucks and came home with a TREE!  And a couple plants, but the tree is so exciting for us because we have two soft maples that have seen their better days and are coming down this summer.  And it is one of those hard maples that is green in the summer and change to the most amazing shades of red.  The word "sunset" is in its name, so you know it won both our hearts.
My seed geraniums and dusty miller for the front walkway.

I am just so happy with my plants this year and of course our new tree.  And I want to do a big shout out to Bonnie's Nursery for picking me as their Mother's Day winner and having such a great nursery!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antibes Green!!!

Better late than not at all!  I finally have the front of the house just about the way I want it.  I do love it!  I just need the perfect chairs now!! 

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the outcome of my front door.  Patty and Karen at are just wonderful and assured me to just DIVE in, all will be great!  And they were so right, even though it took me six months or so to be brave enough to do it.  I so wanted to hook up with them (Karen and Patty) at the extravaganza in Springfield Ohio this weekend, but tummy bug won out.  Next year for sure!!!  Anyway, everyone just loves the impact of the door!  So what do you think??

The house before the maple died out 1995.

Antibes Green door with the new house numbers and porch lights!

139 Cimmaron, 2012!

I love the new look.  The front panels under the windows and around the door is a very pale gray also.  I just could not be happier with the outcome!!! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Since he didn't hang my new lights ...

So, I said I would post the final pictures of my "new" front door in all of its glory, however my husband didn't hang my Mother's Day lights, so I can't take a picture.  I can HOWEVER show you my other Mother's Day present ...

Nice huh?  I am getting Vandy some new lawn furniture for Father's Day!
It does mow pretty lines.

And Vandy cooked Mother's Day dinner, fresh vegies and steak AND
Addie even spent the day with me.

And I just had to add Charlie because he will be my Mother's Day, birthday
and Christmas for a few more years!!  Look at those beautiful long lashes and pretty
green eyes.  He has awesome teeth too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Green Door Challenge

Gosh, time slips away with grans, nieces, nephews, puppy love, Mother's Day and life, doesn't it? I truly must not be an adequate blogger, because I feel like I am not doing justice to the blogging world. 

Oh well, I am adequate at many things though! 

Check out my latest adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Front Door

First Coat of Annie Sloan - Antibes Green

second coat -- hmmm
It is way bright!  I like it.  No, I love it.  Tomorrow I hope to reveal the front door on my house!!!  Yippeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slowing Down

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating our first granbebe's birthday.  We drove to Baltimore on Friday evening and came home Sunday evening, so it was a fast trip, but soooo worth it!  I had no idea a gran could capture your heart so quickly and easily, but she has for sure.

Birthday breakfast!
I had forgotten how important first birthdays are for parents.  Christy, the first born, really went all out.  We made 4 different cupcake recipes with 4 different icing recipes.  Can you say overachiever?    I helped, but I couldn't help giggling a bit to myself.  I also thought, these years don't last as long as they sound and soon enough, she'll be ordering a cake and looking up the pizza delivery number!  

Cupcakes galore!
 Kaia sure was rolling in gifts, but the tissue paper was still the biggest hit!  She is so stinking cute!

Tissue anyone?
 And finally, Ben and Christy enjoying watching Kaia manage her giant birthday cupcake.  I know Ben was super jazzed about Kaia digging in to the cupcake.  Christy was indulging him by making one just for Kaia, but his giant smiles made all the hoopla so worth the extra cake!

The grand finale!
I tried to get Kaia's car seat in our car before we departed so I could take her home with us, but those parents were too smart for Nana and Poppy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Happenings

Getting over the tummy flu .... to be continued. 

But, I am still back!!!! 

Off to Baltimore tomorrow to have birthday cake with the grandbebe.  Kaia will be one year old on Sunday!  Can you believe it???  Stay tuned for pictures!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh the Places I Have Been

Good evening my friends!  Yes, it's me! 

I know.  Long time no talky talky!

I have been spreading myself mighty then, but I think I am thickening up.  teeeheeee

I was blessed enough to be able to spend some quality time babysitting my 11 month old grandbebe and man, dirty diapers, no words, 3 cats, 1 new puppy and The Hunger Games had be super busy. 

And then a trip south to spend Easter with my Mom's side of the family and my husbands.  Amazing company and super delicious food .... crawfish!!!! 

So, I am home and want to reconnect with everyone!  Drop me a line, let me know how you have been and stay tuned for some fun and creative ideas as we gear up for summer!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time is not my friend

Honestly friends, where does it go? 

Time I mean.

Once, three weeks ago, I couldn't motivate myself to get off the couch to craft or play or even visit with friends.  I just had it all and after many thoughts and talks with my husband and a few close friends, we kind of jointly decided perhaps depression had a hold of me. 

I HATED to admit it. 

Both parents departing to heaven within three years of each other.  I had quit my job to care for them.  And then you know, the employment crisis.  And honestly, my husband has given me everything a woman could ever ask for. 


And believe me, I am so very thankful.

I LOVE him so very much.  And I am so thankful.  God blessed me the day I asked for him and he arrived. 

So if a woman has everything, most importantly LOVE, why does she need a PWD

Loneliness?  The need to care for someone?  Empty nest?  DEPRESSION?   Who knows?

So, Charlie is wonderful.  My puppy bites are healing.  His accidents are becoming less frequent when I remember I have to take him out, even in the rain.  He is stinking cute and fun and WORK. 

I have so little me time now. 

And I needed to tell my friends here.  So you understood.

If I miss a couple days, it isn't because I have forgotten you.

Time has just run out.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's all the hoopla about?


I got in invite.

My social calendar seems to fill up when I have little time, having this new puppy and all.

So, back to the invite.  Some dear friends of mine invited me to a party and I said yes.  They invited me via facebook. 

So how do you say it exactly?

P interest?

Pin ter est?

Pinter est?

Help a girl out here!!

So I am thinking I better get on this site and figure out what I am suppose to be doing.  I think I have to do some homework before I attend the party at my friends Stacie.  YIKES!!


Oh and did I mention I have Charlie in Puppy Plus Classes for eight weeks?  (if you don't know who Charlie is, Click Here) Well, if I didn't I do and if I did, please forgive me.  So anyway, we have daily homework.  And I think he thinks he has something down pat he just doesn't have to participate anymore.  a total lack of interest I am telling you.  Maybe I can look on P "interest" to get him engaged in our activities. 

So,I am off to see what all the hoopla is about!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what do people do ...


HUGE dilemma.

A bit of panic has set in.

I am going to see my sister the 9th through the 15th of February in Orlando Florida.  Sounds like fun, eh?  A nice warm break from chilly, rainy/snowy Ohio weather, right?  We are staying in the Presidential Suite at The Fountains in Orlando.  Sweet right?  Oh, go look at the site,  You'll see what I mean. 

Go to the Fountains and check out the photos.  P R E S I D E N T I A L Suite!  Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 4 TVS, gourmet kitchen, recreation room with pool table and dart board, outdoor grilling kitchen, I mean it is the BOMB!!  I was so excited when I booked the suite for my sister and some of her working pals and then got invited to join them.  I'll relax by the pool, read, nap, whatever I want for 5 1/2 days and gear up for our annual ski trip the 16th - 20th of February to Boyne Mountain in Michigan.  I mean, can you say the perfect life?? 

So what is the problem???

the problem ....

My PWD baby - Charlie
I can not leave him for that long!!!  I just can't.  I am already having small panic attacks about leaving him.  Seriously. 

So what do people do when they get a puppy and have vacations already scheduled?  I truly could stay home.  I could.  I even want to stay home.

But ...

the airline tickets are bought,
the reservations are made,
people are depending on me. 

BUT ...
I can not leave my baby.  I LOVE him soooo much!  Just look at him, how can I leave him, even for a couple hours???  Let alone 5 1/2 days??!!

So stinking cute!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Search

Good Sunday to all!  We have been enjoying the beautiful snowfall and puppy walks.  I (we) am SO excited with our new family addition Charlie!  He is so much fun, but man are those puppy nibbles HARD to take when he is in his retriever mode.  

Did I mention Charlie is from Massachusetts?  Yep.  I had been looking and looking for a Portuguese Water Dog.  Frankly, looking for months after seeing one on robynstorydesigns blog.  Her dog just had me at first sight.  Yes, love at first sight.  I started my search locally.  No luck.  Look, look, look.  And then one night at 3am in the middle December I saw a listing for Charlie.  Male, brown, soft curls, green eyes and great health.  He was spoken for by another family, but it didn't work out for them.  I emailed, and emailed and finally the call came.  The breeder interviewed me.  I was a nervous wreck.  What if she didn't like me?  What if I answered a question wrong?  Oh man, just pick ..... ME ME ME.  Pick ME! 

But then it took a little convincing to get Vandy on board.  And on the 4th of January he said YES!  But, it wasn't a firm yes until the 5th.  So that night, after talking to Phyllis the breeder, we checked out air transportation.  We could get a direct flight from Boston to Cleveland.  We live in Enon, three house south of Cleveland.  WOW, a big commitment. Things got messy and I thought Vandy would no way got for all this.  PWD's are expensive.  Very EXPENSIVE.  Then an airfare for a puppy ... you will never believe it.  One way = $245.00!!!  Yicks. 

Anyway, finally late Thursday night we got it all worked out.  I was glowing more than a new bride!  More than we are having our first baby news. So it was decided, Addie would drive with me to Cleveland to pick up Charlie.  We were so excited, it was very difficult not to get a speeding ticket.  AND we all know, I could not afford a speeding ticket! We arrived home from Cleveland and a pit stop at Petsmart with our new puppy safe and sound. 

We have had Charlie for 8 days now and I am still in love.  My hands, toes, and other body parts are punctured, as well as 2 kick balls, 3 flip flops, and numerous other household objects.  It's all good.  We are getting use to the raw chicken drumsticks he gets every other day.  It's gross, I'll admit it, but healthy and good for his handsome coat. 

Charlie enjoys his first Ohio snow!
 I have lost 5 pounds as well.  Who would have thought it.  Charlie gets me off the couch three times a day for our walks, not to mention all the other games we play.  I'll keep you posted on the results!! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gone to the Dogs I say!

Goodness Blogger world, where has the last 20 days gone? 

Gone to the dogs I say!!

Christmas came and went in a blur.  It was nice and quiet around here.  Well, sort off.  Jack, the young man that I was taking care of, was in and out of the hospital over the break.  We had a huge scare that it was cancer in the lymph/groin area.  The surgeon removed the lymph node and sent it off.  A few days later he is back in the hospital because his leg swelled up and so they drained it, drained it again the next day and put in a drainage tube.  The drainage tube got clogged last week and back in the hospital Jack went.  He was in sooo much pain.  And ready for this? 

Cat Scratch Fever.  No kidding.  Cat Scratch Fever.  I, off course, had to have fun with it and call it "Jack Scratch Fever".  He was scratched by a cat back in October, and it can lay dormant for months before showing any signs.  Google it.  It's worth a read.  And we are sooooo very thankful it is not the big C word.  What stinks?!  It can come back.  UGH. 

And during all this, I had xrays done and an MRI.  Yep, MRI.  On the shoulder that had rotator cuff surgery last April.  I fell at Addie's salon.  I'd like to say on a wet floor, or some spilled product, but NoooOOoooOooooooOOOooooo!  You know the bar you place your feet on to rest? I had my feet behind it, behind it just like I have done for 35 years.  I stood up, feet still behind the bar and I feel flat.  UGH.  Luckily, I have not re=torn the good surgeons work, just a severe sprain AROUND it.  It feels torn.  It hurts worse than the tear.  Ugh Ugh!

Vandy got me an IPad for Christmas.  Vandy took back the IPad for Christmas and exchanged it for the most AMAZING GIFT I have ever received for Christmas.  There is a big long story that goes with the gift and it's super cute, however I will save it for tomorrow. 

Is the suspense killing you?  Can you imagine having to drive from my little town of Enon all the way to Cleveland with a severe sprain in your shoulder?  It was so worth the drive.  Addie went with me to help.  She's a good daughter.  And she calls it "our" gift, but she didn't have to give up an IPad or anything.  I am not complaining, just saying.  lol


Charlie, the PWD!!!
It can get NO better than this!

Charlie is simply perfect!  I will share some more tails tomorrow along with the acquiring of Charlie.  Am I the luckiest woman in the world with the most perfect husband?  Charlie is so much cooler than an IPad, just saying!  Wouldn't you say? 

So my life, as people like to say, Has Gone to the Dogs, and I couldn't be happier!!!