Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Search

Good Sunday to all!  We have been enjoying the beautiful snowfall and puppy walks.  I (we) am SO excited with our new family addition Charlie!  He is so much fun, but man are those puppy nibbles HARD to take when he is in his retriever mode.  

Did I mention Charlie is from Massachusetts?  Yep.  I had been looking and looking for a Portuguese Water Dog.  Frankly, looking for months after seeing one on robynstorydesigns blog.  Her dog just had me at first sight.  Yes, love at first sight.  I started my search locally.  No luck.  Look, look, look.  And then one night at 3am in the middle December I saw a listing for Charlie.  Male, brown, soft curls, green eyes and great health.  He was spoken for by another family, but it didn't work out for them.  I emailed, and emailed and finally the call came.  The breeder interviewed me.  I was a nervous wreck.  What if she didn't like me?  What if I answered a question wrong?  Oh man, just pick ..... ME ME ME.  Pick ME! 

But then it took a little convincing to get Vandy on board.  And on the 4th of January he said YES!  But, it wasn't a firm yes until the 5th.  So that night, after talking to Phyllis the breeder, we checked out air transportation.  We could get a direct flight from Boston to Cleveland.  We live in Enon, three house south of Cleveland.  WOW, a big commitment. Things got messy and I thought Vandy would no way got for all this.  PWD's are expensive.  Very EXPENSIVE.  Then an airfare for a puppy ... you will never believe it.  One way = $245.00!!!  Yicks. 

Anyway, finally late Thursday night we got it all worked out.  I was glowing more than a new bride!  More than we are having our first baby news. So it was decided, Addie would drive with me to Cleveland to pick up Charlie.  We were so excited, it was very difficult not to get a speeding ticket.  AND we all know, I could not afford a speeding ticket! We arrived home from Cleveland and a pit stop at Petsmart with our new puppy safe and sound. 

We have had Charlie for 8 days now and I am still in love.  My hands, toes, and other body parts are punctured, as well as 2 kick balls, 3 flip flops, and numerous other household objects.  It's all good.  We are getting use to the raw chicken drumsticks he gets every other day.  It's gross, I'll admit it, but healthy and good for his handsome coat. 

Charlie enjoys his first Ohio snow!
 I have lost 5 pounds as well.  Who would have thought it.  Charlie gets me off the couch three times a day for our walks, not to mention all the other games we play.  I'll keep you posted on the results!! 

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  1. It sounds like a perfect match Allie and great exercise. I'm happy for you both. Just keep your slippers picked up!! Love Di ♥