Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been a WHOLE month ...

My apologies.  My deepest, most sincere apologies for being so delinquent on my blog.  It has just been CRAZY in my little town for over a month now.  I can't even begin to explain it all, but I can do justice to a bit of it. 

Okay, we went on vacation to sunny Florida for Addie's last official high school spring break.  She brought 4 friends.  Shall I continue on the Crazed mind I must have slipped in to, agreeing to such an arrangement?  It was fun actually.  The kids were great.  Vandy was perfect.  I got to see my sister for a day.  It was a long drive.

Medical issues.  Ugh.  I am working through those currently, nothing I can't handle, but nothing I want to go into huge details about either.  Thanks for understanding.

Vandy's blood pressure, 210/120 and climbing.  I mean, where could it go after that????  He went to the EMERGENCY ROOM after working in the yard all day and telling me he just needed to run to Lowe's for a couple things after he took a shower and left at 6:30 PM and called me at 10PM.  Talk about CRAZY!!!  He didn't want me to worry.  Me???  Worry???  Are you CRAZY????  The first thing he said when he called was, "Hey."  I was like, "Hey."   He then followed it up with "I got tied up."  I said, "Oh, I thought maybe you snuck out to a movie you thought I wouldn't like."  (he has done this before)  He said, "Nope, but I don't think I 'll be coming home tonight."  So, what does a woman do in 0-60 flat????  She starts thinking, what did I say, what is he talking about, what could have happened at LOWE'S, was I really CRAZY to think he would love me until death do us part????  Okay, get a grip.  "Well, babe, where will  you be tonight?"  I ask ever so sweetly with a hint of concern.  "The ER."  Poop!!!  He cut himself working in the yard, I knew he was acting distant, he duct taped it until he could shower and run to the hospital to get stitches and he lost too much blood so they are keeping him.  Why wasn't I paying closer attention?  Did I hear a saw this afternoon?  Where was he?  Is there a dark stain on my beautiful patio?  Oh wait, just ask him.  "Why are you in the ER and why did you not tell me you were going???????"  "Well, I didn't want you to worry."  "YOU, didn't want me to WORRY?  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????"  "I just thought, I'd run in here and they would fix me right up and I would be on my way home babe."  "What is wrong with you, did you cut yourself again?"  "No, no, nothing like that.  My blood pressure was a little high so I thought I would just pop in here and see if they could help me get it down."  "Well, how high is a little high honey?"  "210/120"   "WHAT??"   So you can see how the weekend went.  They kept him overnight.  I went up in the morning, we came home that afternoon.  We went back up that evening, we came home the next evening and he has new medication and the ringing in his ears and the throbbing in his neck have not returned.  I thought my husband was invincible.   And they all call me the Crazy one.

So, now we are working on flowerbeds and easy projects.  I finished 50 graduation announcements for Addie's graduation next month.  I am working out the food and festivities.  Vandy doesn't want to BBQ and of course in his "state" I agreed immediately and said we do not have to BBQ ribs honey, we can have pizza for all I care.  (This was in the hospital when we were discussing why he was so stressed and I was frantically going through my head how can I fix this, what have I caused) He said pizza it is then.  After a long enough pause, I said homemade, on the grill.  We both laughed.  I laughed harder than Vandy.    And that is why they call me the CRAZY one.  Also, he knows I sent out 46 invitations to family and friends, but I didn't tell him Addie invited 144 friends on facebook and already has 67 confirmed YES!  Say it with me friends ... CRAZY!!  I am praying for party hoppers. 

So that has been my life in a month.  I hope this finds you all healthy and stress-free.  Did I mention it is 6am and I have been up for 2 hours?  Muuahhhssss!