Friday, March 11, 2011

And the results are in .....

I finally went to my doctor yesterday and got xrays to make sure there was no "floating" bone chips in my shoulder.  The MRI will be scheduled Monday or Tuesday BECAUSE .................................... I can not do the thumbs up and thumbs down with my arm straight out. 
The result:
That means SURGERY. 
That means I am NOT a baby!!!!  It does hurt and I can no longer just shake it off.  Ahhh the price of growing old and playing young. 
And the mountain won.  Hmmph!
BUT I am not giving up snow skiing, not yet. 

On a lighter note, I ordered my "postage" machine yesterday.  I also will be paypal verified by Tuesday.  And I have pictures of goodies to upload.  AND AND I want to run another contest.  They are soooo much fun!!!!  I just love giving things away!!!  So stay tuned for details!!!

Vintage like metal tags!

I am going to have these for sale next week!  They are fun metal tags, pretty heavy duty.  I am going to play around with them tomorrow so you can say I have to have those to do that!!!  Sound like a plan???  So, until tomorrow ladies .... have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Procrastination, Guilty your Honor

procrastinate : to put off intentionally and habitually  

Hmmmm.  Double hmmmm.  In January of 2009 I was caring for my father and trying to "do stuff".  Frankly it is a blur.  And apparently, I was getting "verified" with Paypal.  Hmmmm.  Do you know what happens in March of 2011 when you didn't spend that thirty seconds to verify (for the second time because that previous fall I changed my mind and didn't get verified then either)?  You scream.  And grit your teeth and get sooooo frustrated with yourself. 


The bank wants $25 per hour to research the couple of cents and an additional "finders" fee.  I hand them the exact date, 10 minutes max, right??  That is like 4 bucks, right???????

lol   LOL   LOL   LOL   LOL   LOL   LOL

So, hopefully, this time next week after much "whining", I will be "verified" and be able to open my etsy shop and have sales here as well. 

Ahhhh, thank you for listening to me vent.  I feel a bit better.  I really am not a procrastinator.  As a matter of fact, they make me nuts.  Go figure. 

Where did the days go when you just had to make sure the kids were squeaky clean
 and the women looked marvelous!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness

Okay, 3 things I am going to accomplish during this post!!!  Ready????

1.  Brenda's ideas got me jump started on my blogging project so she's getting this "Today is your day." acrylic magnetic holder.  It has 52 inspirational quotes!!  I know she will just adore it!  And I get a trip to the post office!!!  (shhh, I only have five other things to mail that I have put off for over a month) 

2.  And if you are looking at those cute packaged flowers, those flowers are for sale!  The are soooo sweet!  You get to pick from lilac, cream and orange!  They are great to adding to packages, scrapbooking or just putting in your favorite teacup for a display!  I adore them and at the time I bought them, I had great plans for them, but what can you do with 14 packages of these, welllllll share them of course!  So if you are interested, they are 3 dollars a package with the beautiful nesting packaging!  The only glitch is, I don't think I will be up and running until Wednesday, but pleaase don't let that stop you from telling me how much you NEED these dainty paper flowers!

So stinking cute!!!

3.  And finally these perfect lil adhesive tags, in a bunch of colors for only fifty cents each!  Most packages come with three, some with four!  They are fabulous for scrapbooking, notes on gifts, sealing cards, the list is endless!!!  You will love them!   I have given away paperbag goodies (cookies, truffles, brownies) to my friends and sealed the bag with these tags!  It's a nice way to say I love you to your favorite person too!!

Pick a color any color! 
It has been such a great start for today and I hope you all will follow me as these wonderful "stashed" goodies start appearing on my blog!!  Tell your family and friends .... we are going to have a wonderful time!!

Remember, Today is your day!!