Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alice had it easy

Don't you think, really, Alice had it easy.

A white dress, no spills. She wasn't worried about her chores once she fell down the rabbit hole. No, Mom badgering her about the laundry she left all over the basement floor, the excessive driving she did in her new car .... lol .....I think I will have to reread that book.

I am procrastinating putting my things away and preparing for tonight's class. Prep work. Yuck. I actually want to snuggle back into bed with warm fluffy socks and dream of warmer days .... sunshine and suntans and the smell of coconut oil. Fall is here. I see her and normally I embrace her like my long lost friend. She looks great, wonderful new wardrobe of oranges and reds, a crisp stride in her walk. Me, still holding on to bright pinks and yellows, but I know she has arrived to do her annual makeover .... and I will eventually give in.

So, off to the jean closet and thinking Alice had it easy in that white dress and blue apron.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

only a day away

It's day five in Arizona and I am just not ready to leave. I need an extra day or two. I do wish Addie was with us, but school is keeping her home this trip. I watched the sun rise this morning, and the colors simply put are like no colors I have ever seen in a sunrise.

The picture is not the sunrise I saw, that picture is the sad excuse of the picture I wanted to take on the way up to Cottonwood the other day when Vandy was doing 88 up a giant curvy hill, but wouldn't stop, so I had to take a picture on the way DOWN from Cottonwood when he did stop. I do love my husband, but he doesn't stop until he is ready to or I say, I am going to pee in my pants if you don't stop. I didn't have to pee on the way up the hill to Cottonwood, I had to throw up and couldn't tell him because I was scared to death, Go speedracer go!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

You might be a stalker ......


I am in Arizona.

Tim Holtz lives in Arizona.

I am in Arizona. Wondering. Do you think? Just maybe? Well? Do you? Hmmm.

Looking for phonebook. Grrrr yellow pages. He's probably not listed.

Tim Holtz might invite me to dinner, though, if he knew I am all the way here from Ohio and a fellow scrapbooker.

Hmmmm. Wondering. Wishing. Thinking. I'd like to peek at his studio, live and in person. Should I?

Tim Holtz lives in Arizona.

I am in Arizona.


P.S. Tim, if you follow my blog, call me, I'll be right over. That's not stalking if you call me first.