Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grandpa Andrus's BBQ Sauce

The Andrus family recipe (my mom's side of course) ... I am sharing with you, because, well, frankly why not share great recipes! Now Vandy is not a vinegar based bbq man, but the smell of this sauce cooking all day and then some more on the next day brings back the most delicious memories. And I LOVE this sauce!!! It really reminds me of my Mom and my Dad working together in the kitchen to prepare for the next day's festivities. Of course, you must have my Mom's potato salad, which my sister makes now, my baked beans and Joe always brings the beer. Dad babysits the ribs and chicken all day long --- slow long charcoal basting food .... the oil sits right next to the grill with a basting brush smothered in the oil ... baste baste baste, the sauce is the last thing to be applied before you pull it off the grill and then we use it also as a dipping sauce on the side. Egads, my mouth is so watering right now. So here I go --- enjoy!!!
Grandpa Andrus's BBQ Sauce
2 c. cooking oil
6 medium onions (thinly sliced)
6 lemons (juice and pulp)
small bottle of ketchup
small jar mustard
small can tomato sauce
3 T worchestershire sauce
4T brown sugar
4T vinegar
(rinse mustard jar and ketchup bottle with some water to get all goodies out) cook onions in oil until limp .. add remaining ingredients and cook cook cook and when you think you have cooked it enough .. cook cook cook ... all day process on low ... it will become the richest color of red you have ever seen .... I'll post that picture either later tonight or tomorrow

Yesterday Afternoon in the Backyard

Yesterday afternoon, while I was waiting for Vandy to come home with the groceries, I took a stroll in the backyard and snapped a few pictures. I think Jenny and I are truly kindred spirits. She posted a photo similar to the crabapple tree one I took ... and on the same day!
Weeping pussy willow in bloom and a bright blue sky.

Tulips peeking up, pray for no more snow.

Baby daffs, they are soooooo teeny, Vandy planted them last year to surprise me and my Dad and they are just so cute!

Our first crabapple tree on Cimmaron, and we love them so much, we now have three in our yard. Last year one of our favorite nurseries ran into some trouble and we bought a few more trees that I am excited about --- a redbud!!!! We also bought a Japanese maple, a red maple and this really funky spruce. I'll take pictures of them once we have some leaves!!
And I am in the middle of the bbq sauce, I'll post the finished product and the recipe, I hope, later today!! My sister is going to be so jealous when I tell her what I have on the stove!

Friday, March 13, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons

Actually, my cousin, Jenny, from Arizona sent the country mouse some lemons! I can't wait to make my Grandpa Andrus's bbq sauce ... it's very Louisiana (Eunice) traditional, so I may kick it up a few notches!! So, the lemons are a preview of what is yet to come this afternoon! Remember when you are sent lemons, USE THEM!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Got it done this morning .... and you know ... smashing breasts is not as bad as they say --- it wasn't like I was drinking a margarita in Cabo or anything, but honestly, it just wasn't bad. I have lots of things to accomplish today, but I just wanted to remind everyone ... don't forget to get the squeeze on this year!! Next week ... the bottom half appointment! Thank GOD it's only once a year!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Clan

This is my family -- as I knew it at 10 years old. It goes like this -- first row -- me, my Grandpa, my brother "Mutt", my Grandma, my sister Michele, back row -- my Mom (look at that smile), my Dad, cousin Steve, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Joanne and cousin Bruce. This picture was taken at the lake .. so many great memories there!
My Grandma though, was the one that had me falling in love with "crafting". She was all about learning new things and exploring what you could do with things. Addie said not too long ago that she missed her Mamaw ... I know that feeling .. but now I smile in the place of tears .. well most the time!