Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wasted away again ..

in budlight land .. not really. 

We are just working really hard to get the neglected yard prime again.  And my other project done, oh and that one too! 

Sooo, miss me for today.  Tomorrow I will teach you how to milk corn!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why wait you ask?

Why wait?  I know for a month or so now I have been telling you about my outdoor project.  And we are so close to finishing I can hardly contain my excitement.  Sooooooo close.  And I could be doing things in it, BUT Vandy has laid the finishing touches in it and I can't do ANYTHING until he finishes his part!   I am holding in my frustration, honestly I am, but yesterday, when he told me he had a WHOLE day left to finish up, I freaked inside my head. 


He wants to go to the airshow this weekend.  Where is a whole day in his schedule?  I am kid free today and tomorrow.  FREE I tell you.  I could finish my project.  A WHOLE DAY in Vandy world is like 10 days.  I barely wanted to go on vacation last week because I was so excited about completing my _______________!!!!!!!! 

heavy sigh

I guess I will sew today. 

AND .....

 get the seam ripper out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why on Wednesday ...

Why on Wednesday do I feel the need to get out of the house and shop for something amazing, that I really don't need.  I have Alex today (the 9 year old girl I watch) and she is a great sport when it comes to getting up and going, but the problem I am having this morning is ..... I had Monday and Tuesday to do whatever I wanted and what I wanted was to veg.  (that last vacation whipped me)  SO, I did NOTHING! 

So here I am, in my jammies, putting of the ritual of "cleaning up", "getting ready", because my piggy bank is fairly empty and I want to go rummaging around some junk stores.    If the truth be told, I hate shopping alone.  I HATE it.  And since Addie has decided to be independent and is never home and Vandy works ALOT, I just feel like I need to surround myself with projects.  It is not an empty nest thing, even when the nest is full I have done this.

So I am rambling.  Get up me, get up.   Okay, okay I am going.  I hope you all have a wonderful day of somethings. 

P.S.  If I do find something really cool I will for sure let you know!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So right after Louisiana ...

We took all of our kids to the Keys for the week of 4th of July.  It was our belated Christmas/birthday presents for 2009/2010!  Rachel had been in Mali for 2 years and we really wanted a family vacation.  It was totally awesome to have all the kids together.  We ate, we snorkeled, we kayaked, we fished and we ate some more!!!
(Ben, Christy, Rachel, Justin and Annie in the front row, me, Vandy and Addie in the back row)
We had a beautiful evening watching the firework show over the waters!
We went swimming and kayaking for a sunset trip.  Rachel, Christy, Ben, Addie, Vandy and me relaxing in the water before the sun went down.  Justin and Annie were relaxing on the mini island.
We went deep sea fishing and I didn't catch a single fish.  Addie caught the biggest fish, a barracuda, scary scary fish!  She was sore for a couple days after reeling that big guy in!
And what would the Florida Keys be without a prefect sunset the last night of vacation. 


Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation sometimes leads me ....

Louisiana has amazing food!!!!  This is my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Tom.  They recently built a log cabin home and host the most amazing crawfish boils when we come to visit! 

This is the group of adults before the crawfish feast!  My cousin Josh, my cousin Erica's husband Wayne (crawfish provider), Erica, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Tom, Vandy, me, Jennifer and my cousin Heath.  Oh, and the little one in the corner is Nate, Erica and Wayne's youngest.  We have way too much fun when we are together!

And after we had this huge crawfish boil we went to my cousin Michael and Michelle's house for swimming and a cooking class for the girls.  Aunt Rachel, Aunt Jean, Erica, Hannah, Michelle, Lindsey, Jennifer, me, Missy and Aunt Rebecca Ann.  The men were totally impressed with the meal!!

And of course the main reason for our trip to Louisiana is so Vandy could spend Father's Day with his dad, Mr. Charles.  He is 82 years old and man, does he get around!!!!  It was a great visit with family!!!!