Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation sometimes leads me ....

Louisiana has amazing food!!!!  This is my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Tom.  They recently built a log cabin home and host the most amazing crawfish boils when we come to visit! 

This is the group of adults before the crawfish feast!  My cousin Josh, my cousin Erica's husband Wayne (crawfish provider), Erica, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Tom, Vandy, me, Jennifer and my cousin Heath.  Oh, and the little one in the corner is Nate, Erica and Wayne's youngest.  We have way too much fun when we are together!

And after we had this huge crawfish boil we went to my cousin Michael and Michelle's house for swimming and a cooking class for the girls.  Aunt Rachel, Aunt Jean, Erica, Hannah, Michelle, Lindsey, Jennifer, me, Missy and Aunt Rebecca Ann.  The men were totally impressed with the meal!!

And of course the main reason for our trip to Louisiana is so Vandy could spend Father's Day with his dad, Mr. Charles.  He is 82 years old and man, does he get around!!!!  It was a great visit with family!!!!

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  1. So what is that you made at CC? It looks like some kind of steak when I blew up the picture. Vandy's Dad looks good. It doesn't look like a strong resemblance so I'm thinking he might take more after his Mom in looks!

    Looks like you are having lots of laughs and fun!

    Hooray for you.