Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't you hate it ...

Don't you hate it when you go to the paint store with a paint color and you wait a couple weeks to paint and then when you finally start finishing up the paint job, you look around and SEE GRAY, not the sea green/blue/gray you wanted to begin with! It's gray, gray gray. Now what???? I am not repainting. I am just not doing it.

One wall left to paint, the accent wall on the wall I won't use in the studio.

I am venting.

Do you mind?

The one wall I am going to mix with a quart of white and the damn gray I have left over. Oh and did I mention. They told me I needed two gallons. I barely used one ... so who wants a flipping gallon of GRAY paint?????

I can't even take a picture of it .... I want to cuss.


So, I am going to go find a pillow and scream in it. I am going to scream until I have no voice left so I can only whisper to the paint EXPERTS that I need a quart of white.

Heavy sigh.

And what's the difference between gray and grey anyway? Earl perhaps?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictues pictures ...

I have been gearing up for the "grand" opening of Picture This and it is sooo much fun. I am of course, taking pictures as much as possible! Can I total telling you that nature just offers us unexpected gifts .... and this is one of them!!! Back to wrk, enjoy the shot!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I had forgotten, but then ...

Hello hello! Okay, I had forgotten, but then I remembered! The grilling deck is finished!! The "man" grilling deck is complete! Wooohoooooooo Vandy finished it a few weeks ago, like the weekend after my sister and I decided it was a "girls" dance floor. We danced all night on it, do you remember Sugar Hill Gang.

Anyway, it's so totally cool! And we have a sail to put over it to keep the sun off all those grilling heads, but that won't go up until next spring. Call Vandy and tell him you want him to build you one too! He won't, but it would make his day! lol

So what do you think???