Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't you hate it ...

Don't you hate it when you go to the paint store with a paint color and you wait a couple weeks to paint and then when you finally start finishing up the paint job, you look around and SEE GRAY, not the sea green/blue/gray you wanted to begin with! It's gray, gray gray. Now what???? I am not repainting. I am just not doing it.

One wall left to paint, the accent wall on the wall I won't use in the studio.

I am venting.

Do you mind?

The one wall I am going to mix with a quart of white and the damn gray I have left over. Oh and did I mention. They told me I needed two gallons. I barely used one ... so who wants a flipping gallon of GRAY paint?????

I can't even take a picture of it .... I want to cuss.


So, I am going to go find a pillow and scream in it. I am going to scream until I have no voice left so I can only whisper to the paint EXPERTS that I need a quart of white.

Heavy sigh.

And what's the difference between gray and grey anyway? Earl perhaps?

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  1. Well, sorry it was difficult but it turned out fabulous!