Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breakfast and my excuses!

Breakfast was fabulous in Yellow Springs with my sister in laws.  And no, I didn't take my camera because the snow flakes were pelting me and nothing is worse than taking an ice/snow fall and being more worried about my camera than my hips.  Right??? 

My niece, Raquel, loved her 16th birthday cupcake Addie and I made yesterday.  And excuse #2 for not using my camera to take a stinking cute picture of it, I FORGOT!  I did take a picture with my PHONE! 
But, BUT, BUT, BUT here is a picture of the pan.  lol  And some hints ...

 I know it is time consuming,  however you want to bake each side separately.  And I say this because of experience!  The bottom of the cupcake cooks MUCH slower than the top, about 8-10 minutes longer.  And if you do both at the same time, you have to strategically remove the top, buy turning it upside down, with a small plate on the bottom side (while holding it in place, remembering it is HOT, praying it is done enough that you don't RUIN it. 

It is worth the effort, Raquel LOVED it!

  And then in the middle of my cake baking I decided to "make" some things for her party.  And for excuse #3, I bagged up the cute hairband and the funky laundry tote,
but,  BUT,  BUT,  BUT

I did take a picture of my fabric bin.  I absolutely love fabric.  I can just look at fabric all day.  Can't you?  So that is it for my pictures and blogging today! 
I have a new follower Michelle who is having a giveaway!!!  And I soooo want the sheet music book ... go check her out and the giveaway at !!!!!  Of course, after I read she has 7 children, I am ready for a nap! 

Naps are nice. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

What I plan to do today (Saturday) ...

That is it ... to have a plan .... and I am working on mine.  My Saturday plan I mean. 

I will start with breakfast with my sister in laws .... I'll continue this when I get back.  Back from breakfast that is.  I will need pictures to blog my day .....

And what better way to start Saturday morning than with a good night's sleep Friday night. 

sweet dreams ..... sweet sweet dreams ......

just rambling .....

I think I am a pretty happy upbeat person! I can prove it ... here I am ....

2009 - Michelle's wedding weekend

2008 Halloween

Have no idea, but I have a fun lil glass in my hand!

I think we are on our way to the cabin in Salem.

Me and Shel 2009!!!  A note to my brother who always flips us off and just laughs about it, do not be offended.

me showing off ... have no idea what year ... 2 years ago maybe

ah we love florida ...

WOW, in the 80's ... Joe graduates from high school ....
So today, I am having a hard time finding my beat.  My heart hurts.  I miss my Mom.  I miss her advice.  My eyes hurt from crying .... and my heart hurts .... I feel Florida in my future .....

Everyone had a wonderful day.  Find your happy beat for me today .......... love to you all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Icy Day

Good morning all! 

I should really be crafting, I know I should, but instead I made box brownies and homemade clam chowder with fresh asparagus tips.  Just delicious I tell you. 

Wright Patterson AFB closed down today because of the ice.  I am happy that I get the day with Vandy.  Happy happy happy.  And happy he brought my camera back from his New Mexico trip so I could share ice with you today.

Happy no birds are home today!

I SOOOOO hope my new lights don't come down and shatter all over the patio!
Looking straight up!

Now to get crafting!!!  Have a fabulous day my friends!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


It has been one of those bittersweet weeks. 

livelovescrap is closing it's doors ......

.... and although I know it is time, I have been enjoying my time with Kathy and Katie these past few days as we sell sell sell.  I have been listing items on craigslist and facebook to help them recoup some of the debt that the store has acquired as they have tried to stay afloat in today's economy.

I love this old vintage cabinet, if only I had another house!

This sleigh is soooo awesome!  I want it, but how would I explain this purchase to Vandy? 
Have a great evening all ..... see you soon!!!