Friday, November 11, 2011

My favorite Veteran's -

I am blessed.  My military family .....

My father - Joseph A. Hrovatic

My Mother - Kathleen Joan Andrus Hrovatic
My Aunt Joanne - Joanne Hrovatic Blackwell

And Aunt Joanne is married to my Uncle Chuck, Chief Master Sergeant.  Not an easy feat, only ONE percent of the Air Force enlisted manage to make it to Chief!  ONE percent! 

The love of my life - Charles Mason Vanderberg

I do have more family members that have served in our military, but the list is very long.  My son in law was an Army guy and now is a wonderful carpenter with a beautiful baby, my first gran, and is just an amazing husband to our daughter Christy.  Happy he served and came home safely!

So today's post -- Thank you Veteran's, near and far, past and present.