Friday, March 20, 2009

Egg Bread

As many of you know my dad lives with us --- a two car converted garage into a full apartment for him -- bedroom, living room, kitchen and full bath. He is on breathing treatments, his eyes are getting worse by the day and he has lung cancer. So, we all do what we can to make him smile .... and he is still very ornery! Anyway, each morning i ask him what he wants to eat and he says for dinner or supper ... i say lunch! He was raised that dinner was lunch and supper was the evening meal .. my mom called dinner supper, so you can see the confusion throughout our lives! Anyway, to make a long story short, a few weeks ago i was trying to change up his oatmeal and eggs, back and forth and i said how about some french toast like grandma use to make, not like mom's. He said what's that??? i was like umm bread dipped in a sweet egg batter and fried with syrup, not confectioner's sugar. He said oh okay ... so two days later, it apparently had been bugging him, he says hey, how about some egg bread .. and i was like what are you talking about ... he said you made it for me the other day ... i said french toast? he said yea, that's what i was trying to remember, we didn't call it french toast, it's egg bread! So, here you have a lovely picture of egg bread, better known as french toast! So delicious!

What happened to my inspiration?

giggling -- actually it is a tad funny --- i have been in the "cooking" creative mood and it seems i can only be creative in one avenue at a time --- so since it's friday "official cook's night off" --- i suppose i should be creative in the ummm -- my studio --- yes that was what i was thinking ---- let' go see what i can come up with!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Pictures of Vandy's Gourmet Birthday Dinner

We had the most fun and fulfilling (literally) time last night with our great friends Debi and Lonnie Hicks! The food was better than I ever dreamed it could be and Vandy just loved it ... even after Debi and Lonnie left, he went on and on ..... of course we talked about the wine pairing and will have to make a few adjustments next round. Vandy is always so great at that part, but it was a surprise, AND he was very surprise!!

So you have the menu I made up yesterday --- and look at how neat it is ...... and the dinner, and the birthday cake and us after a million shots of trying to get it right! And of course, after cooking all afternoon, no one bothered to tell me to fix my hair!!! GRRRRRRRRRR , I'll remember next time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Vandy!

The grocery store, not any grocery store -- Dorothy Lane Market ---- the contents --- A Chocolate Torte -- fresh strawberries and raspberries --- I have a dessert wine for this ... the rest of the ingredients --- fresh organic crisp salad greens, leeks, large bay scallops, chocolate, Filet Mignon's, fresh red potatoes and fresh green beans, mushrooms, nice extra virgin olive olive, lemons, rosemary, and more wine .. now I am off to the food network!!! Pictures and prose to follow later tonight or tomorrow morning!!! wooohoooooo I love birthdays!!

I think the sun will shine again today --

I am feeling so torn today! I want to work in the yard, but I also want to play in my studio. Sunshine always brings out the best in me, ALWAYS! I have so much work today, everywhere -- inside, outside, those are just in head, you can imagine what my house and yard look like .. tee heee ... just kidding. Anyway, I thought I would scurry around like the pesty squirrels in my yard and do lots of things ... and hang the sheets out on the line for that fresh crisp laundry smell! Oh I love that smell!!!!!
And I would like to talk Addie into posing for me this afternoon when she gets out of school .... just the two of us running around and me snapping some candid pictures of her. At seventeen, she is so self aware .... and it was so easy to get her to pose at three and four years old! This was Easter so many years ago!

The Mojave desert ... oh so many years ago! It was rather difficult to hide eggs in the non existing grass. She use to get sooo excited though! It looked like a bunny had just sprinkled the yard with color!

Monday, March 16, 2009

..... or three, four, five and six

I just love these lil chickies .. it's hard to tell but the ribbon at the top is so fun
I love birthday cupcakes as much as my friend Katie! The frosting on this cake is a huge layer of Diamond Glaze --- and on the card you can see the ripples of "frosting" and sparkles!

Sweet little Easter Outing Bunny. The buttons on this card are all shiny, it sort of reminds me of that rat in Charlotte's Web. The bunny doesn't, I do ... I have been hoarding these buttons for a year or so ... but finally I felt compelled to use them!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these sweet cards as much as I enjoyed creating them. They just made me smile!

A Card or two --

Good morning, good morning! I am going to play in my studio this morning, and during small intermissions look for my IPod shuffle ... I have misplaced it. It's green. But on a lighter note, here are a few cards I made this weekend. I just adore the Crafty Secret vintage books, they just make card making fun!!

And this little card posted below was inspired by a dear cousin of mine, I am eventually going to send it to her, I just like looking at it right now. The red heart is real fabric, i just love mixing mediums ... sewing, bling, fabric, paper, old music sheets, stamping .... I gotta run gals, this card just got me going again!!! I'll be back later this afternoon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dinner at the Vanderberg's

After the cook, cook, cook all day yesterday and cook cook cook today, it was time to take care of the chicken! And here are the lovely and ever so tasty results! I hope you enjoy this little lesson!

Tomorrow be ready for a card or two to be posted! I really out did myself this weekend and can't wait to share with you all my fun discoveries! Right now the sun is shining for another hour and I want to go outside and enjoy it!