Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Pictures of Vandy's Gourmet Birthday Dinner

We had the most fun and fulfilling (literally) time last night with our great friends Debi and Lonnie Hicks! The food was better than I ever dreamed it could be and Vandy just loved it ... even after Debi and Lonnie left, he went on and on ..... of course we talked about the wine pairing and will have to make a few adjustments next round. Vandy is always so great at that part, but it was a surprise, AND he was very surprise!!

So you have the menu I made up yesterday --- and look at how neat it is ...... and the dinner, and the birthday cake and us after a million shots of trying to get it right! And of course, after cooking all afternoon, no one bothered to tell me to fix my hair!!! GRRRRRRRRRR , I'll remember next time!

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  1. You look beautiful ! What a great Birthday! Lucky Vandy.