Monday, March 16, 2009

..... or three, four, five and six

I just love these lil chickies .. it's hard to tell but the ribbon at the top is so fun
I love birthday cupcakes as much as my friend Katie! The frosting on this cake is a huge layer of Diamond Glaze --- and on the card you can see the ripples of "frosting" and sparkles!

Sweet little Easter Outing Bunny. The buttons on this card are all shiny, it sort of reminds me of that rat in Charlotte's Web. The bunny doesn't, I do ... I have been hoarding these buttons for a year or so ... but finally I felt compelled to use them!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these sweet cards as much as I enjoyed creating them. They just made me smile!

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  1. OK, its official. You are the most amazing card maker ever in the history of the world. Hugs and admiration from sunny Arizona.