Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think the sun will shine again today --

I am feeling so torn today! I want to work in the yard, but I also want to play in my studio. Sunshine always brings out the best in me, ALWAYS! I have so much work today, everywhere -- inside, outside, those are just in head, you can imagine what my house and yard look like .. tee heee ... just kidding. Anyway, I thought I would scurry around like the pesty squirrels in my yard and do lots of things ... and hang the sheets out on the line for that fresh crisp laundry smell! Oh I love that smell!!!!!
And I would like to talk Addie into posing for me this afternoon when she gets out of school .... just the two of us running around and me snapping some candid pictures of her. At seventeen, she is so self aware .... and it was so easy to get her to pose at three and four years old! This was Easter so many years ago!

The Mojave desert ... oh so many years ago! It was rather difficult to hide eggs in the non existing grass. She use to get sooo excited though! It looked like a bunny had just sprinkled the yard with color!

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