Friday, March 20, 2009

Egg Bread

As many of you know my dad lives with us --- a two car converted garage into a full apartment for him -- bedroom, living room, kitchen and full bath. He is on breathing treatments, his eyes are getting worse by the day and he has lung cancer. So, we all do what we can to make him smile .... and he is still very ornery! Anyway, each morning i ask him what he wants to eat and he says for dinner or supper ... i say lunch! He was raised that dinner was lunch and supper was the evening meal .. my mom called dinner supper, so you can see the confusion throughout our lives! Anyway, to make a long story short, a few weeks ago i was trying to change up his oatmeal and eggs, back and forth and i said how about some french toast like grandma use to make, not like mom's. He said what's that??? i was like umm bread dipped in a sweet egg batter and fried with syrup, not confectioner's sugar. He said oh okay ... so two days later, it apparently had been bugging him, he says hey, how about some egg bread .. and i was like what are you talking about ... he said you made it for me the other day ... i said french toast? he said yea, that's what i was trying to remember, we didn't call it french toast, it's egg bread! So, here you have a lovely picture of egg bread, better known as french toast! So delicious!

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  1. You're an amazing daughter, Allie. Be proud of yourself. You are really awesome.