Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oops, missed a day

Good morning, good morning ... I have been just organizing and looking around to see what project I want to start next. I really really really (did you get that .. really importance) need to paint my stairway going into the basement, BUT I'd rather hit the lottery and have someone paint it for me. What's the chance of that, as I seldom play and when I do, I forget to look at the ticket. (silly me)

Anyway, Vandy is still super sick with this chest cold and I am trying to be the barrier between Dad and the germed one! Wash hands wash hands wash hands. Also, aren't men funny when they are sick. The double dose OTC medicines and try and be strong. I am a GREAT caregiver, just let me do what I do and you'll be better in a few days, not to mention, plenty of REST. I don't know about your men, but mine tried and "push" through it. giggling ....
So, I hope the weekend holds great adventures for you ... I truly want to accomplish something inspiring ... wanna race? Perhaps last years purple petunias will jump start us!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I adore my niece ...

Brittney Rene' Potts ... my first niece ... we spent so much time together when she was little. I have so many fond memories of the two of us as she was growing up. I think reading was one of our favorite things to do, well I read and she listened and not too long into that, she was off reading by herself. And even now, we share a special love for books. She, of course, has passed me up in the reading department .....

She was also such a performer .. singing, singing all the time ... and Ariel was her favorite character to mimic. She enjoyed the outdoors and exploring too, but I am not sure she still does .. it may have been just me dragging her along on all my photography shoots and camping adventures.

I know now as a mom, things my mom must have been "worried" about and now I share those worry beads with her. Brittney is now 23 ... remember being 23, hence the worrying. So I am probably not as much fun as I once was .... but Brittney is a blessing in my life and I adore her. And when she has a daughter of her own, I'll smile that all knowing smile and place those worry beads in her hand.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Graphic 45 and Vandy's Parents

Well, can you tell I have been a tad busy this morning? I have been organizing my once beautiful studio .. since Christmas it has been just a mess!!!! So, the only way to get in there and start working was to tidy up a bit, and just a bit was all I needed. I absolutely adore these two layouts of Vandy's Mom and Dad. I think they were taken around 1952 or so, no dates on them, but they look pretty happy, so it had to be in the beginning, right? Anyway, I wanted to show off the new Graphic 45 paper and what a better way to do it!!

I think they are adorable!!! And Vandy's Dad is so stinking cute, isn't he? I can't wait to run upstairs and crop the picture I have of Vandy and his brother William!!! I am just so excited!!!!

Can you read the magic recipe?

I have to say -- this is the best pot of vegetable soup I have ever made .. it was so delicious ... my mouth is watering again today just thinking about the bowl I will have later this afternoon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dad's Great Vegetable Soup

Cooking away this morning after a day with Dad and all the heart testing yesterday. We will get results sometime today, or so they said. It's SEVEN degrees outside and so I thought I would make vegetable soup -- my Dad's great recipe. This winter I have been able to get him to help me cut up vegetables and tell me what to add .... except today ..... my dear Dad is in the middle of a nap during the vegetable cut up stage .... I think he did it on purpose!! lol

And I don't have the can of whole tomatoes that I need, anyone want to run to the store for me? My Mom use to can tomatoes from my Dad's garden and we'd be able to snag a jar when we needed, now I have to run to the grocery store instead of mom's stash in the den. I can still hear her say, "What are you doing in there?" And I'd reply, "Nothing." She always knew what I was doing "in there" and I always knew I was doing more than "nothing". That memory makes me smile.