Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thoughts before 5 Am

I quietly slipped down the creaky stairs to join you this morning. (Okay, I awakened by an annoying hot flash and had to scurry to get out of my once comfy flannel jammies.) The upside of these hot flashes is all that I can accomplish before anyone even knows I am awake. I am getting ready to print out some recipe cards for our "Spill Your Heart Out" crop along with making some tasty Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cookie. Doesn't that sound delicious? So ladies, I can't spend much time with you this morning, but know you are in my thoughts. Happy day!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vandy's Lil Christmas Tree

I was cleaning out my camera yesterday and stumbled upon this shot. Vandy handles the outside lights and this is one of his three little pine trees we got at Stutzman's Nursery in Yellow Springs last fall. Vandy has been planning this "water pond feature" on the other side of the pool for two, almost three years now and I have just let him SLOWLY think it through. One of the best thoughts that has come to pass though is this precious little tree with "colored" lights that he "acted on" by placing in the ground. Isn't it beautiful? I must say I am normally a white light kind of girl, but these LCD lights just glow out in our backyard. I am not sure I ever want to take them down. Oh, okay I was exaggerating, but they are pretty.

Also, please disregard my random posting of pictures earlier. It all looks good in the layout stage and then what a mess it turns into once I post!! It really aggravates this Gemini!

Mini Album - Things I Love

Hi!!! I still wish I could post a slide show, but until I break down and figure it out, pictures will have to do. Here are a few of my favorite pages from my upcoming mini album class (Things I Love) at livelovescrap! Space is limited ya'll, so sign up quickly! I just am so excited about this class ... and what I love most, is we are going to think "outside" the box which will be sooooo much fun!!!!

Doctor's Appointment

I went, I will no longer be drug free. No hormone replacement for me, I will try and live through the HOT flashes, but a little pill (not sure what color yet) will take care of the UNCONTROLLABLE mood swings. The scary thing is, my new doc saw me morph into "psycho hormonal woman" during our appointment. A baby was crying in the room next door and with the nicest of smiles I said, "hear that, it's about to make me go CRAZY and go scream at the mother to shut her kid up!" And rationally, I knew that poor little babe was getting shots and in pain and I did truly hurt for it and it's mother, BUT psycho hormonal woman didn't care one bit, she was trying to slip out of my mouth .. the doc saw this horrific morphing occurring on my face and she said, "Umm I can tell, let's get you a pill!!!" The doc freaked me out a bit about hormone replacement side effects, breast cancer and heart disease. I told her I had those covered with the crap food I have indulged in over the years, so let's not add to the list. The most common complaint about the little unidentified colored pill, low libido. I told her Vandy would not be too happy about that and she said, "let's take care of one thing at a time and it may not affect you that way." Let's all say a little prayer for Vandy that it doesn't affect me that way or he'll be going to the doctor as well. So FOUR to SIX weeks, you all should notice a change. lol

I am posting more later, just have to go for a bit to stir my spaghetti sauce and work on my crop room. I have neglected it for a couple weeks. I do hope you enjoyed my video yesterday. It was a bit challenging!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi you guys!!! I remember once upon a time when we were on one of our many summer vacations to Louisiana, my cousins came over to see us ... and man, do we have cousins! They made fun of me and my sister because we said "you guys", they said, "we aren't guys", and Shel and I just looked at each other like .. what planet are you from!!! So, hi ya'll!!!! lol

Anyway, it has been a couple days, but well worth it .... the basement aka "Vandy's Wine Shop and Beer Bar" is complete! Thanks to Addie, my bffs Debi, Katie and Kathy's eye, it is complete!!! (well and Jim my neighbor -- aka electrician) I can not wait for the Mardi Gras Party in a couple weeks and then monthly wine tasting!!!! It is going to be so much fun!!! So tell me what you think!! Two walls and the ceiling are covered in luscious fabric and I already told you about the insulation and venetian plaster. I LOVE it!!!!!!

I promise to have my cards and mini album up by Saturday, I just need a little break. Remind me to tell you what I found out in my Strength Finders class last night, you'll understand the delays and overachieverness (great, spell check is telling me that overachieverness is not a word, too bad) I am suffering from!!!! Anyway, I need to figure out how to do a slide show of the cellar, so see you on the flip side!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!! Okay, I don't want to figure out how ... I am going to just post pictures!!!! lol Wait, figured out a video I think!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Good morning ladies! Well, what an eventful weekend. The room is just about complete but the ceiling. Vandy and I drove over to Pennsylvania yesterday to meet Christy and Ben (our oldest) to gather the donated TV for the Wine Shop. It looks perfect down there by the way. Anyway, do you know businesses start closing down for "The Game" at 3 pm!!!! I was in shock. lol My skin was also kind of itchy while we were there, but as soon as we hit Ohio, I started to feel much better!
Saturday I spent most the day with girls scrapbooking; scrapbooking and munching. I didn't take one picture though all weekend. Makes me a bit sad that I didn't. Just was winding down from the basement remodel and such I guess!
So, today I am off to re-wicker some things in the living room, catch up on laundry, straighten up the kitchen and MAYBE, that's a BIG maybe, get the paint to paint the buffet in the kitchen this week. MAYBE!!! lol
Have a fabulous day ladies!!!!