Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Good morning ladies! Well, what an eventful weekend. The room is just about complete but the ceiling. Vandy and I drove over to Pennsylvania yesterday to meet Christy and Ben (our oldest) to gather the donated TV for the Wine Shop. It looks perfect down there by the way. Anyway, do you know businesses start closing down for "The Game" at 3 pm!!!! I was in shock. lol My skin was also kind of itchy while we were there, but as soon as we hit Ohio, I started to feel much better!
Saturday I spent most the day with girls scrapbooking; scrapbooking and munching. I didn't take one picture though all weekend. Makes me a bit sad that I didn't. Just was winding down from the basement remodel and such I guess!
So, today I am off to re-wicker some things in the living room, catch up on laundry, straighten up the kitchen and MAYBE, that's a BIG maybe, get the paint to paint the buffet in the kitchen this week. MAYBE!!! lol
Have a fabulous day ladies!!!!

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