Friday, February 6, 2009

Vandy's Lil Christmas Tree

I was cleaning out my camera yesterday and stumbled upon this shot. Vandy handles the outside lights and this is one of his three little pine trees we got at Stutzman's Nursery in Yellow Springs last fall. Vandy has been planning this "water pond feature" on the other side of the pool for two, almost three years now and I have just let him SLOWLY think it through. One of the best thoughts that has come to pass though is this precious little tree with "colored" lights that he "acted on" by placing in the ground. Isn't it beautiful? I must say I am normally a white light kind of girl, but these LCD lights just glow out in our backyard. I am not sure I ever want to take them down. Oh, okay I was exaggerating, but they are pretty.

Also, please disregard my random posting of pictures earlier. It all looks good in the layout stage and then what a mess it turns into once I post!! It really aggravates this Gemini!

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