Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday was a full day!

Ahhhhh home at last ... from all day class. I think I may have brain overload, but I am loving the energy it is giving me! Of course, with all I learned today, I wanted to try out some of the things I learned and what did I come home to you ask??!!

HOMECOMING! And you just can't practice and play with homecoming pictures. I was afraid, really afraid. Senior year, last high school homecoming, all dolled up and Mom messes up the backyard photos! YIKES!!!! Well< I didn't, at least I don't think I did. I'll find out tomorrow when I download them. I want to take a break. And guess what????

It's break time! Night night all!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traveling traveling

Wow, I have been home almost a week and still haven't recovered from the time change and I stayed on OHIO time. Grrrrrr Well, I booked my Baltimore trip this evening. A dear friend is getting married and off I go at the end of the month. It's Halloween weekend, Vandy is going to stay home with Addie -- big doings for the senior child. I hope they get lots of cool pictures while I am gone!!

So, I have I told you about the traveling adventures coming up? Look at this ...

September was Arizona
October - Maryland, wedding
November - Georgia, Thanksgiving
December - Louisiana, Wedding
January - Arizona again I hope, party
February - Michigan for snowboarding and skiiing
March-April - Florida, spring break
May - OHIO -- Addie graduates from HIGH SCHOOL!!!!
June - South Carolina
July - Marathon in the Keys

New luggage is in order! So how is that schedule for traveling this year?? lol You want to be me, don't you! I knew it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, okay, I remembered weeks ago saying I would post my Country Living and Extravaganza finds .... so here are a few pictures. I am playing catch up at home, I am going to paint the studio tomorrow and I am going to recover the chairs I bought .. I am I am ... as long as my swollen knee cooperates with me. Don't ask. I fell. Hard!

Cousins are the coolest

It was long ago and far away ... (another one of my favorite song)

I was nine and she was eighteen. Eighteen with a guitar and an amazing voice. She knew all the worlds to Bye bye Miss America Pie, drove my chevy to the levy (we actually walked to a haunted house, down a long farmers path, away from all the adults singing this song) I remember my sister shel, her sister becky and our other cousin debbie ... and the make believe band in the house. Someone found something to beat on for drums, and I played air guitar. And we all sang, but not like the coolest cousin. That was 33 years ago, the summer of 72, hippy clothes were in and coolness was at its peak, at least for a nine year old.

Last week, after all those years, I got to spend a few days with my coolest cousin in Arizona, so far from Salem Ohio, and she got out her guitar and sang some home spun songs for me and I was transformed back to being nine, in awe. Bouncing on one of those giant exercise balls, smiling like a kid that had just lost her two front teeth, that giant smile that only a mom can truly appreciate. And she just floated in her own little "I can't believe I am doing this, I never do this, never ever" world, but continued to pluck away for a few more songs. And I am forever grateful. And in tears at the moment, so blessed, entirely blessed beyond words. To have my coolest cousin back in my life and well, we have SOOO much in common. I am from this family, this artistic, cool, inspiration family and I am normal, well as far as normal can get you ... but better than all of that ... we are cooler than normal people, we are artistic, both in similar and different ways. I am 46 and cool. Hmmmph.

Artistic people look normal too.