Friday, March 4, 2011

Blown Out Shoulder

Hi all! 

Did I mention on my ski trip my cousin pushed me down a black diamond and I blew out my shoulder?  Well, she did and I did and now I am pampering my shoulder until the doctor can see me Thursday. 

So, the days have run together, sort of.  And I am barely accomplishing things, well sort of.  I did accomplish some vinyl lettering for my girlfriends new shop.  And making dinner for Vandy twice, and that is about it for me for the week.  So, my thingy I said I would do today has been delayed until tomorrow.  Okay??   Yes, major leftover pain medication right now. 

Flighty.  Seriously flighty.

Thanks for giving me a break. 

And now I am going to bed. 

And you can still put your input in until tomorrow if you like. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little help please ...

Hello all.  I have been thinking of setting up a little vintage sale and would like your opinion.  Well, perhaps advice is a better request.  I have some things to sell.  Some lovely things.  Some store bought, some craft things, some homemade things.  They are quite lovely items, but as a hoarder, what could I possibly do with 20 banners?  or 30 posters?  or 10 sets of mittens and 6 snakes?

How should I do it?  Etsy?  Ebay? 

Then the paying thing, Paypal?  A side note here ..... What happened to the "checking" system?  I use to love looking at people's checks.  It really says A LOT about a person.  Honestly, have you thought about that?  I loved going to the bank to pick the checks that best suited me.  I couldn't wait to get to the last book so I could go order my checks!!  I just wrote my last check a few weeks ago.  No rush to the bank, makes me a bit sad.

And then there is the whole "mailing" of things.  UPS? Fed Ex?  USPS?  The creating of a label.  I personally like going to the post office and seeing the old timers, my Mom and dad's friends.  WAIT!!!  What is wrong with this picture?  I never see anyone my age, or even younger.  Have we truly started losing the USPS?  Snail mail? 

So here is my challenge for you all.  Send me your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions and for your advice, the one with the best suggestions gets a package in the mail.  And everyone is a winner, everyone will get a snail mail something.  Friday I will do the reveal of the best suggestions for me and we will go from there! 

Sounds like fun huh???