Friday, March 4, 2011

Blown Out Shoulder

Hi all! 

Did I mention on my ski trip my cousin pushed me down a black diamond and I blew out my shoulder?  Well, she did and I did and now I am pampering my shoulder until the doctor can see me Thursday. 

So, the days have run together, sort of.  And I am barely accomplishing things, well sort of.  I did accomplish some vinyl lettering for my girlfriends new shop.  And making dinner for Vandy twice, and that is about it for me for the week.  So, my thingy I said I would do today has been delayed until tomorrow.  Okay??   Yes, major leftover pain medication right now. 

Flighty.  Seriously flighty.

Thanks for giving me a break. 

And now I am going to bed. 

And you can still put your input in until tomorrow if you like. 


  1. We just got back from Snowbird, Utah. Too much snow, somehow I didn't get hurt, but did not mistakingly or get pushed down a black run. Hubbie hurt is calf muscle in the TSA security line on the way home. Taking boot off he strained his calf muscle. Not a great ski injury story for either of you.