Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Where do I begin? We bought Addie a lovely prom dress .... her best little guy friend who was transferred to Oklahoma with his family last year was suppose to come back and take her to "their" first prom. He's been back several times so this is not out of the ordinary. Guess what, his MOM texted Addie and said he had a bad attitude and financially things were a little tight. UGHHHHHH Now Addie is without a date! My poor poor baby. Does anyone know Brody Jenner's Mom? Perhaps his cell phone number? I wish I could perform magic today. Just one little magic trick! She is devastated.
So my heart hurts for her. Badly, like bleeding all over my leather couch. I barely changed out of my jammies yesterday as well as today. The sun is out, I sure hope it infects me.
And please tell me if you can reach Brody Jenner (Bruce Jenner's son, best friends with LC, Lauren Conrad from The Hills) --- Prom is May 2nd. He should take her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Where is my rock guy?????? He was suppose to deliver this morning, and he's not answering his phone, do you think he made off with our rocks and our money? The heist of the year ... I am cracking myself up. Actually, it's rained for two days and sand and crushed limestone has to be pretty heavy, maybe he's waiting until it dries a little bit. Which is fine with me, we don't have the new patio area cleaned of grass and leveled yet .... which brings me to why I love crafting ............
I love it. I love that there are no mess ups, just glue something in it's place to cover flaws. Just add some bling here and there and it looks like it is suppose to be there! Everyone should have some bling in there life, especially if it's not a 5 carat diamond on any one of your fingers! Some people may think 5 carats is gaudy, not me!!!! Of course, the only 5 carats I have ever owned where below dirt in my garden bed!
Have a great day everyone and enjoy a carat or two, or some bling, whatever suits your fancy today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Man is it dark outside --

Man is it dark outside, oh look, when I got up it was ONLY 3AM! Now it is 6 something AM and I am not sure what I want to do today. I know what has to be done, but they really aren't one in the same. For example, I walked into Addie's bathroom and there are 6 towels on the floor, that's a load of towels just for her and I swear I did them on Friday .. now let's count ... she was gone Friday at a sleepover .. so Saturday is one day and Sunday is two days and it's MONDAY morning .. how can you dirty 6 towels in three days and only be home for two of those days????? So there is one chore, and then there is my basket of clothes and Dad's and Addie probably has three loads on her own ... laundry all day? Ugh .. and I wanted to start pitching things in my kitchen, but should I pitch or should I box and save for a possible garage sale? Remember we have two households worth of stuff, and frankly, I am considering renting one of those dumpsters .. egads ... maybe I should wait for the kitchen remodel -- oh and speaking of that, I do not want to paint my cabinets .. I want new, now I may not get my way this year, I can paint the walls and ceiling, but nahhh to the cabinets. They need new hardware and by the time I add all that up at 2.99 a piece I could have at least 1/3 of my new kitchen ...
OMG, I just read all that typing up there .. all that rambling, someone stop me! Look what happens when I am up at 3AM! Have a great day ladies ... I am off to make sack lunches for Addie and Vandy. Just another chore ... lol ... And it's still very dark outside!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Grass

Good morning --- well I spent yesterday with Vandy working in the yard, mowing the grass and getting my way! Giggling -- he is building a grilling deck off of our patio and all I kept thinking was more wood to seal, paint, sand, seal and get nasty splinters from ... so I made a deal ... if the stone patio (which is what I wanted) cost less than the wood deck, can we get a stone patio instead? I won! He actually agreed that it would blend better with the patio we already have and he is still going to build a wood arbor and a fence around it, so we both won! Also, instead of a new kitchen I am going to paint the kitchen a new color and paint my 40 year old cabinets. I hate them, hate hate hate ... so we'll see. And of course I am going to get a new counter top ... I pray I love it .... and that a church mouse would come and clean my kitchen before the remodel begins. Any takers? lol Okay, off to shut my eyes until the headache subsides ... I get them every time I mow .. I am going to start wearing one of those paper masks, who cares about tan lines!