Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Where is my rock guy?????? He was suppose to deliver this morning, and he's not answering his phone, do you think he made off with our rocks and our money? The heist of the year ... I am cracking myself up. Actually, it's rained for two days and sand and crushed limestone has to be pretty heavy, maybe he's waiting until it dries a little bit. Which is fine with me, we don't have the new patio area cleaned of grass and leveled yet .... which brings me to why I love crafting ............
I love it. I love that there are no mess ups, just glue something in it's place to cover flaws. Just add some bling here and there and it looks like it is suppose to be there! Everyone should have some bling in there life, especially if it's not a 5 carat diamond on any one of your fingers! Some people may think 5 carats is gaudy, not me!!!! Of course, the only 5 carats I have ever owned where below dirt in my garden bed!
Have a great day everyone and enjoy a carat or two, or some bling, whatever suits your fancy today!

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  1. Hope your rocks showed up. Bling for me is what I see in my granddaughters eyes when they sparkle with excitement or finding a new radiant blooming flower in the garden. But I'll pass the word along to Vandy that you're looking for five carats and not of the vegetable variety.