Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Grass

Good morning --- well I spent yesterday with Vandy working in the yard, mowing the grass and getting my way! Giggling -- he is building a grilling deck off of our patio and all I kept thinking was more wood to seal, paint, sand, seal and get nasty splinters from ... so I made a deal ... if the stone patio (which is what I wanted) cost less than the wood deck, can we get a stone patio instead? I won! He actually agreed that it would blend better with the patio we already have and he is still going to build a wood arbor and a fence around it, so we both won! Also, instead of a new kitchen I am going to paint the kitchen a new color and paint my 40 year old cabinets. I hate them, hate hate hate ... so we'll see. And of course I am going to get a new counter top ... I pray I love it .... and that a church mouse would come and clean my kitchen before the remodel begins. Any takers? lol Okay, off to shut my eyes until the headache subsides ... I get them every time I mow .. I am going to start wearing one of those paper masks, who cares about tan lines!

1 comment:

  1. Will clean kitchen in exchange for craft lessons! And a five minute grabbing spree in your house! Where's your sis when you need her? ha!