Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slowing Down

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating our first granbebe's birthday.  We drove to Baltimore on Friday evening and came home Sunday evening, so it was a fast trip, but soooo worth it!  I had no idea a gran could capture your heart so quickly and easily, but she has for sure.

Birthday breakfast!
I had forgotten how important first birthdays are for parents.  Christy, the first born, really went all out.  We made 4 different cupcake recipes with 4 different icing recipes.  Can you say overachiever?    I helped, but I couldn't help giggling a bit to myself.  I also thought, these years don't last as long as they sound and soon enough, she'll be ordering a cake and looking up the pizza delivery number!  

Cupcakes galore!
 Kaia sure was rolling in gifts, but the tissue paper was still the biggest hit!  She is so stinking cute!

Tissue anyone?
 And finally, Ben and Christy enjoying watching Kaia manage her giant birthday cupcake.  I know Ben was super jazzed about Kaia digging in to the cupcake.  Christy was indulging him by making one just for Kaia, but his giant smiles made all the hoopla so worth the extra cake!

The grand finale!
I tried to get Kaia's car seat in our car before we departed so I could take her home with us, but those parents were too smart for Nana and Poppy!