Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Successes

Munce and Myra yearbook looking I am sure!


I am so happy to be returning to the world of blogging. Yep, it's Sunday, September 18th, 2011 and I have officially made it through my 30 year high school class reunion without a mark! It was entirely too much fun seeing old friends. And facebook is a marvelous way of getting the word out to everyone about the reunion.
So, after being asked to do the tabletop decorations on a FIFTY dollar budget, totally stressing to make sure everyone had a picture on the table, I am back!! They did turn on pretty cute and everyone loved them if I do say so myself. I did see some pots being snuck out, I am sure they are the friends that have kids going to our high school now! I mean, who would want one otherwise? teeheeeee 

Yep, Greeenon High School, Home of the Knights, circa 1981.  lol

So now I am on to two more big projects.

30 September 2011:
My girl friend is getting married.  I am umm in charge of the flowers.    The last bouquets and corsages and such I made was 20 years ago for my own wedding.  I am also the resident photographer.  Yup, I swore 24 years ago I would never do another wedding shoot.  Too stressful.  WAY too stressful.  Of course, that was back in the "film" days.  So, she wanted personal and intimate and to stay on budget.  Oh, okay, I'll do it.  (ugh)

8 Ocober 2011:
I have a booth at the Apple Butter Festival in my hometown of Enon.  What was I thinking?  You know what this means right?  NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!  bahahahahahahaaa Okay, what I really meant to say was no more PROCRASTINATION.  And if I haven't done enough to myself, Vandy and I are heading to Lake Lure, North Carolina the week of .. drum roll please ... yup, you guessed it, 1 - 7 October 2011.  You have to laugh with me, come on, stop gasping in horror, laugh.  Laugh.  LAUGH!!  LAUGH!!!

I am truly hoping to post my crafts soon.  Just as soon as I make something worth blogging about.  Honest, I will.  But right now, I need a nap.  Remember, reunion?  Friday night and Saturday night. 
T I R E D!

Have a great Sunday all!