Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Just where has the time gone? The entire month of November has vanished before my eyes. Just gone. I was attending my girlfriends wedding one weekend and the next thing I know, it's black Friday and I am in Georgia!

Well, the Georgia vacation went great! It was just wonderful with my sister in law and her family. We ate like kings and shopped like movie stars. We had so much fun just hanging out.

Vandy even went hiking two times. He hiked up Hardin Mountain the first day and the second day he hiked up two mountains, Blood Mountain and Brasstown Bald Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Georgia. He had a priceless moment on Blood Mountain with a ham sammich and a cold stout. He was so happy when he showed up for dinner those nights and it made me happy to see him glow like a little boy.

This upcoming weekend we head to Louisiana for Heath's wedding (my cousin on my Mom's side). We are also going to go see Vandy's dad. It should be fun, but I have to be homest with you .....

I just want to stay home and decorate and clean and enjoy the holiday season.

I'll try to catch up on everything I have been promising to post. But in the meantime, enjoy a glass for wine ..... oh I am the one holding all the wine from Crane Creek Vineyards ... another story to share with you!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What was I thinking ...

What was I thinking a few weeks ago when we took the day trip down to Morehead State University in Kentucky to broaden Addie's exposure to the college choice world? What was I thinking?????

Addie went down to Morehead State University in Kentucky again this weekend with her best girfriend. They got up at 5 AM this morning, got ready and off they went by 6am. She arrived safely, OUT OF STATE, at the exact time Gerdy said she would .. 9:30 am .... and they LOVED it. LOVED. Not, it's okay Mom. It's alright. LOVE IT ....

So I ask you, what was I thinking? I have been crying like a baby all night now. She's home safe and sound and at a sleep over with the other three girls that went down and don't love it. But, she and Erika are ready to go now ..... SHE HAS 6 MORE MONTHS OF HIGH SCHOOL.

Man, I am thinking I need more time for this transition. Pray for me. Really.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilters Delight

Good Morning. Okay, okay it's barely morning in my foggy head. I have been zippyin and strippin since I got home from my Baltimore trip. Have you seen the lovely quilts and cutest ever quilting book my cousin designs, makes, whatever you call it! "Zippy Strippy Quilts"

Welllllll, last year I became an addict. I haven't started any 12 step program because I LOVE making them, I love even more the excitement on my family and friends faces when they open one and it's so fluffy and cozy. And I have to admit, flannel is easy, but corduroy is all about the warmth and fall and winter and yummyness. And who would have thought quality matters -- IT DOES LADIES!

I have 7 quilts completed and 5 more to finish. When you have a bolt of innies, it will go to waste if you don't sew it all up, which is what I am doing, sewing it all up. LOL It's like that last dollar in your pocket ....... it will get funky in there if it is all alone and not out with other month and getting yor a Hershey Chocolate Bar with Almonds.

Anyway, I'll post the stack of quilts later, because right now I am sitting under a ZSQ clipping and I don't want to get up .... you'll seeee, try it, join me in my addiction ........ giggling

Monday, November 2, 2009

Home again home again, jiggity jig

Wow, what a worldwind weekend.

I am just exhausted. I knew when my other best friend didn't ask me to be "in" her wedding, that I would be "working" the wedding instead. Which I love to do, honestly. I took Michelle for her mani/pedi, then to get her hair down and calm her nerves and tell the "professional" hair dresser where she needed to hide bobbie pins and protected her from her "mean" sister. I made all the brides maids bouquets, and helped with decorating the mansion and then managed to go upstairs and help her with her dress and calming her down again ..... and I took a ton of pictures. I like being useful.

The best part of being busy this weekend was, well it was my Dad's birthday. And I missed him, but I was way too busy to miss him too much. It was nice to be busy and needed.

It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Along came the rain

Yesterday, it rained. And rained. And rained. So what does a woman do when the cable is out, the internet down, no phone lines, well, in my house, we find the "lightest" room and craft. And craft. And craft.

I saw this idea in a magazine, twisted it up a bit and now have decided I am going put it in my favorite things baskets I am making for my friends this year for Christmas presents. Now Addie thinks they are ugly, but I like 'parkly things too, like my, goodness, my 3rd cousin Morgan who is umm I think 3, maybe 4, definitely not 5. So here is my 'parkly day.

Anyway, I had been collecting silver goblets, to do something else with, so after collecting about 20 of these things, I have decided I don't want to do what I was going to do with them, BUT, I love sparkly things and I think it will look great as a topper to my baskets of love, or my favorite things ..... and to show you the love .. remember a few months ago I was making hot pepper relish, not gooey candles, well those are going in my basket of love too .... and here is what I went through ....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Look Look LOOK!!


Can you see the joy on my face? I am just so flipping excited. So excited. I am ready .... I need the barn wood flooring, but I am truly ready .. "Picture This" is going to be a great success.

And you know, it couldn't be possible without my parents ... they bought me my first camera .... and my beautiful, adoring, super supportive husband and of course, all the encouragement from my friends.

It feels right, it feels sooooo right.

Thank you friends.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't you hate it ...

Don't you hate it when you go to the paint store with a paint color and you wait a couple weeks to paint and then when you finally start finishing up the paint job, you look around and SEE GRAY, not the sea green/blue/gray you wanted to begin with! It's gray, gray gray. Now what???? I am not repainting. I am just not doing it.

One wall left to paint, the accent wall on the wall I won't use in the studio.

I am venting.

Do you mind?

The one wall I am going to mix with a quart of white and the damn gray I have left over. Oh and did I mention. They told me I needed two gallons. I barely used one ... so who wants a flipping gallon of GRAY paint?????

I can't even take a picture of it .... I want to cuss.


So, I am going to go find a pillow and scream in it. I am going to scream until I have no voice left so I can only whisper to the paint EXPERTS that I need a quart of white.

Heavy sigh.

And what's the difference between gray and grey anyway? Earl perhaps?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictues pictures ...

I have been gearing up for the "grand" opening of Picture This and it is sooo much fun. I am of course, taking pictures as much as possible! Can I total telling you that nature just offers us unexpected gifts .... and this is one of them!!! Back to wrk, enjoy the shot!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I had forgotten, but then ...

Hello hello! Okay, I had forgotten, but then I remembered! The grilling deck is finished!! The "man" grilling deck is complete! Wooohoooooooo Vandy finished it a few weeks ago, like the weekend after my sister and I decided it was a "girls" dance floor. We danced all night on it, do you remember Sugar Hill Gang.

Anyway, it's so totally cool! And we have a sail to put over it to keep the sun off all those grilling heads, but that won't go up until next spring. Call Vandy and tell him you want him to build you one too! He won't, but it would make his day! lol

So what do you think???

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My lungs have friends

Okay okay ... I didn't paint. I didn't do anything. I laid on the couch and coughed my lungs up. I found one in the living room floor, all beaten up and gasping for air. Today though, both my lungs have found their home back inside my chest. They aren't comfortable yet, but their friends Dayquil and Nitequil are trying to be very good friends and keeping them company.

Don't feel sorry for me, my husband is home today taking care of the things that I would be taking care of, but haven't the energy. Laying back down now.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

See the last post ...

Alrighty. I will be postless for two days. I am not punishing you, I am punishing myself. The room where the furniture I am reupholstering the chairs, well I am going to paint it. I know, I know. I have been saying this for a month. I have the paint, the paintbrushes, the rollers, the plastic ..... I just can't do it, but I am going to make myself.

So miss me. Think of me. And I'll be back with pictures of the new paint job. Friday. FRIDAY I say.

Monday, October 12, 2009

One good, one bad, I left the totally ugly out.

This is such a pretty piece for my photography studio, but I didn't like the rosy white print that was on it, so I covered the cushion in this funky green, blue gray checkeredy soft as cashmere fabric. I love it now!!!!

And this is the ugly. I have not a professional upholsterer. I am so frustrated with this piece and the scary thing is, I have two of these chairs!!! GRrrrrr They are really going to look cool in the studio, I left one really vintagy with chipped paint, layers of different decades of paint and the other one I painted a black. So the back I have to upholster and I am clueless. So, if I leave it for a day or so, someone will come to my rescue, I am sure of this!!!

And well, the ugly is just too ugly to discuss. End of discussion!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday was a full day!

Ahhhhh home at last ... from all day class. I think I may have brain overload, but I am loving the energy it is giving me! Of course, with all I learned today, I wanted to try out some of the things I learned and what did I come home to you ask??!!

HOMECOMING! And you just can't practice and play with homecoming pictures. I was afraid, really afraid. Senior year, last high school homecoming, all dolled up and Mom messes up the backyard photos! YIKES!!!! Well< I didn't, at least I don't think I did. I'll find out tomorrow when I download them. I want to take a break. And guess what????

It's break time! Night night all!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traveling traveling

Wow, I have been home almost a week and still haven't recovered from the time change and I stayed on OHIO time. Grrrrrr Well, I booked my Baltimore trip this evening. A dear friend is getting married and off I go at the end of the month. It's Halloween weekend, Vandy is going to stay home with Addie -- big doings for the senior child. I hope they get lots of cool pictures while I am gone!!

So, I have I told you about the traveling adventures coming up? Look at this ...

September was Arizona
October - Maryland, wedding
November - Georgia, Thanksgiving
December - Louisiana, Wedding
January - Arizona again I hope, party
February - Michigan for snowboarding and skiiing
March-April - Florida, spring break
May - OHIO -- Addie graduates from HIGH SCHOOL!!!!
June - South Carolina
July - Marathon in the Keys

New luggage is in order! So how is that schedule for traveling this year?? lol You want to be me, don't you! I knew it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, okay, I remembered weeks ago saying I would post my Country Living and Extravaganza finds .... so here are a few pictures. I am playing catch up at home, I am going to paint the studio tomorrow and I am going to recover the chairs I bought .. I am I am ... as long as my swollen knee cooperates with me. Don't ask. I fell. Hard!

Cousins are the coolest

It was long ago and far away ... (another one of my favorite song)

I was nine and she was eighteen. Eighteen with a guitar and an amazing voice. She knew all the worlds to Bye bye Miss America Pie, drove my chevy to the levy (we actually walked to a haunted house, down a long farmers path, away from all the adults singing this song) I remember my sister shel, her sister becky and our other cousin debbie ... and the make believe band in the house. Someone found something to beat on for drums, and I played air guitar. And we all sang, but not like the coolest cousin. That was 33 years ago, the summer of 72, hippy clothes were in and coolness was at its peak, at least for a nine year old.

Last week, after all those years, I got to spend a few days with my coolest cousin in Arizona, so far from Salem Ohio, and she got out her guitar and sang some home spun songs for me and I was transformed back to being nine, in awe. Bouncing on one of those giant exercise balls, smiling like a kid that had just lost her two front teeth, that giant smile that only a mom can truly appreciate. And she just floated in her own little "I can't believe I am doing this, I never do this, never ever" world, but continued to pluck away for a few more songs. And I am forever grateful. And in tears at the moment, so blessed, entirely blessed beyond words. To have my coolest cousin back in my life and well, we have SOOO much in common. I am from this family, this artistic, cool, inspiration family and I am normal, well as far as normal can get you ... but better than all of that ... we are cooler than normal people, we are artistic, both in similar and different ways. I am 46 and cool. Hmmmph.

Artistic people look normal too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alice had it easy

Don't you think, really, Alice had it easy.

A white dress, no spills. She wasn't worried about her chores once she fell down the rabbit hole. No, Mom badgering her about the laundry she left all over the basement floor, the excessive driving she did in her new car .... lol .....I think I will have to reread that book.

I am procrastinating putting my things away and preparing for tonight's class. Prep work. Yuck. I actually want to snuggle back into bed with warm fluffy socks and dream of warmer days .... sunshine and suntans and the smell of coconut oil. Fall is here. I see her and normally I embrace her like my long lost friend. She looks great, wonderful new wardrobe of oranges and reds, a crisp stride in her walk. Me, still holding on to bright pinks and yellows, but I know she has arrived to do her annual makeover .... and I will eventually give in.

So, off to the jean closet and thinking Alice had it easy in that white dress and blue apron.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

only a day away

It's day five in Arizona and I am just not ready to leave. I need an extra day or two. I do wish Addie was with us, but school is keeping her home this trip. I watched the sun rise this morning, and the colors simply put are like no colors I have ever seen in a sunrise.

The picture is not the sunrise I saw, that picture is the sad excuse of the picture I wanted to take on the way up to Cottonwood the other day when Vandy was doing 88 up a giant curvy hill, but wouldn't stop, so I had to take a picture on the way DOWN from Cottonwood when he did stop. I do love my husband, but he doesn't stop until he is ready to or I say, I am going to pee in my pants if you don't stop. I didn't have to pee on the way up the hill to Cottonwood, I had to throw up and couldn't tell him because I was scared to death, Go speedracer go!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

You might be a stalker ......


I am in Arizona.

Tim Holtz lives in Arizona.

I am in Arizona. Wondering. Do you think? Just maybe? Well? Do you? Hmmm.

Looking for phonebook. Grrrr yellow pages. He's probably not listed.

Tim Holtz might invite me to dinner, though, if he knew I am all the way here from Ohio and a fellow scrapbooker.

Hmmmm. Wondering. Wishing. Thinking. I'd like to peek at his studio, live and in person. Should I?

Tim Holtz lives in Arizona.

I am in Arizona.


P.S. Tim, if you follow my blog, call me, I'll be right over. That's not stalking if you call me first.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am just amazed at how beautiful Arizona is ...... there is no grass to speak of, no color this time of the year, but the vastness, the mountains, the desert is all intoxicating to my eyes. I am sitting on our balcony at the resort with Vandy. I know how busy he is at work, but he managed to take these few days off to enjoy some alone time with me and a little hiking in the Grand Canyon.

I think we could live here, truthfully. I could sell our entire household and drive cross country and reside in this state. Vandy said he'd like to live up north a bit, but I am okay so far with the heat. I thought Edwards Air Force Base would kill me, the lack of greenery, the missing smells of spring and fall .... the none existence of seasons, but today, today I think Arizona is beautiful and I am sharing it with the love of my life.

I have things on my plate at home to finish up, but I am going to enjoy these five days without worry. That's my plan and I am sticking to it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Power Shopping with My Friends

Truly, I didn't hurt so much, I would take some great pictures of my great finds from two days of wonderful weathered shopping. I mean, it was great shopping with Jami on Friday at the Springfield Extravaganza. She got everything on her list with the exception of a kitchen table and chairs. I got most of what was on my list with the exception of this beautiful bar .. I mean I LOVED it. But no way would it fit in this house and who has a husband that would build his wonderful wife a house around a bar? Mine is great, but would not understand such a silly want. lol

And then today I went shopping at "Country Living" in Columbus. Okay, okay, it was fun. I now officially have two new favorite stores. I promise I will post pictures tomorrow if my finds. I promise!!!!

And of course I am getting ready for my trip to Arizona!!! WOOHOOOOOOo I can hardly wait to teach and play and sightsee and sleep in and eat and play!

Monday, September 14, 2009


What a trying week. This picture should explain it all. I am glad that part is over! Now I am packing to go to Arizona to play with my cousin Jenny and my friend Melanie! I am so excited!!! I have so many scrapbook/card goodies to bring with me, well, heck I am going to mail then, you never know what you'll need or what to add to the mix!!! Woooohoooooooooo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, where have you gone?

I have so many things running around in my head, I just want to get off the track and catch my breath today. lol The website for Picture This is getting closer and closer, it was a bit more work than I had first expected, but aren't all the great things in life worth a little work?

I think fall is coming, quickly. It was just a perfect weekend. There is a festival at George Roger's Clark Park every year called the Faire at New Boston and all my years here, I have never attended, UNTIL Sunday. It was super cool. do you remember stilts as a kid? I DO TOO!!!!! And I had to prove it to Vandy! So there you have it folks ....

Anyway, I'll be getting on the stick .. tee heeee and posting more and more this week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time for me to fly.

Age. Old age. I swear I am not old, but I am feeling it, mentally I mean.
I can't stay focused today. I can't stay focused most days. Scattered thoughts, you know, like when the dandelions bloom kind of scatteredness. And you know I chase everyone of those pesty little seeds down so they don't set root in my yard. So, got the picture? All those potential little seeds flying all over the yard, but it's thoughts in my head. Scary, I know. Try living with me.
So today, the list. I am buying the website. I have decided on a printing company. The name of the business is Picture This! And of course in the past three days I have seen a million companies named that and of course I want to change it ..... it was like when all my friends were having babies, I wanted to name them. Heck, if I could just name babies for a living I would. Are you following me? If you are, thank you thank you thank you. If you aren't, I suspect I will be seeing the little white padded wagon pulling up out front with my new white jacket, the straight one.
Also today, I am working on scrapbook layouts, to keep me focused. I need focus. I have too many addictions, I have accomplished the first step ... step one, admit you have a problem. Anyway, hold on with me .... this new venture is going to succeed and I plan on flying with it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I feel like Alice in Wonderland these days

Well, perhaps this isn't the dress that Alice was wearing, and maybe my title should have been something about Cinderella, BUT I do feel like I am continually falling down the rabbit hole and by all of this rambling, perhaps I am! lol Okay so the picture is a shot of Addie during "senior pictures" day two. We are almost done shooting pictures and I am so thankful. She is her own worst critic.

As for me ... well ..... I have been working on business cards, business pamphlets, websites and enjoying a week visit with my sister. It has been a very good week and tonight is "family" dinner with my sister and her son Cody and my brother and two of his three children. I am already tired. Perhaps I should consider a nap.

I also start teaching scrapbook classes again next week. It will be nice to get back into a routine I think. I like routines. I live for routines. No wonder I feel like Alice! lol

Anyway, off I go to work on some more pictures! Have a great day and know I have missed you all!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One more --- can anyone blame me?

Okay, I couldn't help it .... I am so excited about Addie's pictures I can't remember who I gave a sneak peek to and who I didn't? And is that whom, I never get that right ... and it's LATE in Ohio. Anyway, I am posting another one, because even if she doesn't want me to post them on facebook yet, I can post them here and she'll never know! So let me go pick one out for you .. be right back.

Well, this one was for fun, it was just when the heat of the day had taken it's toll and she was FINALLY loosing up. It's so her though. Did I mention she is thinking of going away to school now? After swearing she was a "failure to launch" child, she's saying she thinks she may want to go away. And you know, I use to kid her about you are going away, no way staying at home ... now guess who is freaking a little bit? I might have to double up on the little pink pill. Now who can blame me? lol

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day In the Heat of it All

Well, we have done it, almost. After about two years of asking, my girlfriend Pam has finally convinced me to so something with my photography! "Picture This!" is almost up and running! We are going to focus primarily on seniors. Now with that being said, Pam wants to do sports pictures and I want to do families, so we both have another avenue to play in as we develop our talents and the new computer world of all the amazing things you can now do on a computer!
So you ask why this little blurb is called A Day in the Heat of it All .... we took her daughter Shelby and Addie out for a trial run on the hottest day this year about an hour away from here. We ALL were melting, but it was worth it, out of 600 or so shots, we got 7 we loved. LAUGHING, okay, okay, that's not the real numbers, but man, working with your own girls proved to be a bit challenging.

AND if that isn't enough, I got a new computer to work from along with a new program I HAD to have for photo editing, what was I thinking?????????? Well, give me a couple weeks and perhaps I will be able to handle all this grown up pressure.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When life gets "pits", drink a Budlight Lime

Laughing ..... when we were in Orlando, Katie was in a Budlight Lime mood with Rainer Cherries .... and after a few BL Limes, the pits got left behind. I just thought the picture looked cool ...

Of course, I also learned how to spit the pits too ... we had so much fun laughing about this new talent that I acquired! Katie and I ate a box of cherries all by ourselves, did I mention they were delicious too?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We saw so many amazing fun things at CHA in Orlando this year and of course we always run into old friends! Below is a picture of Madison and of course, "the girls".

I can't wait to post some fun things I am going to work on this week. If I can catch up on my sleep. I feel like we have run run run for the past month. Well lets see, catching Addie from Columbus, then to Baltimore and Virginia, then hospital stay, then Orlando, no wonder I am tired! lol No more trips this month .... and then off to Arizona in September!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where art thou?

What a crazy past two weeks -- first I have my beautiful daughter hospitalized for KISSING TONSILS. Addie was seen in Virginia, sent us packing with antibiotics and steroids and then when we got back to Ohio she was seen at Pediatrics on Friday. Yep, she has HUGE tonsils, but it will have to run it's course. Saturday morning we went into the ER because she was having difficulty breathing, was way past staying hydrated and trying to eat. Well they kept Addie for three days and now after a week, she's finally feeling better. She's see the ENT specialist on the 21st and we will schedule to have her tonsils taken out during Christmas break -- her 18th birthday week! AGHHHHHH

And then, there was a scrapbook convention that we had been planning on attending (CHA) since last August, so assured that she could make it .... we went to Orlando and had a wonderful time seeing all the new things ...... this is our last day, but I'll post more pictures and stories after this thunderstorm rolls on by!! I have missed you all!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to DC to see what we can see

We are taking a small road trip today with Vandy to DC. Christy will pick us up Wednesday morning for a day of jewelry making and sightseeing, filled of course with shopping! And then dinner across the street from the White House! It's as close to dinner at the White House as I will ever get I think. See you when we get back!!!

I do hope my flowers behave and don't go wilting on me! All that work, I worry about leaving them alone for three days with "scattered" rain in the forecast. See you in just a few days! Have a great midweek couple of days!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Babysitting my brother's babies

Joseph Nicolas Hrovatic --- we all call him Niko, too many Joe's running around here! Joe bought the kids these four wheelers and they have so much fun on them! I babysat last week and we had a blast, allllthooooughhhhhhh they exhausted me!!! You can't tell it, but Niko has really cool eyes, turning blue and green .... my dad's use to do the same thing depending on his clothes. I was telling Joe (my brother) how green they were that morning and then when we went swimming how blue they were .. he looked at me like dohhh you are in a BLUE pool with him. (He can still be a brat)
As if there aren't enough Joe's around, this is Riley Jo and when she tells you her name, she's says in the cutest little voice, Riley JO. They were trying to run me over and just laughed and laughed about it. And of course Riley's eyes are crystal blue. I am not kidding, they have like facets in them. I had a great day with them and in a few weeks ago I'll be ready for another day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hawk

This guy was making the neighboring birds go crazy this evening. I walked outside and said Vandy what is all that noise .. he pointed up in the tree and here he was. We spent the best part of an hour watching him and finally I said I am going to get my camera. He let me get pretty close actually. I was really amazed at how big he was. I do hope he stays in my backyard to take care of those pesty chippies and squirrels! lol

Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden News

Just a few pictures of my backyard flowers .... everything is just blooming away and I forget it is already the middle of July! Where has the summer gone? The coneflowers, bee balm and daylilies are just beautiful. I really want red bee balm, so be on the lookout for it! Vandy will have the grilling deck done by the end of the month, hurray!
Oh and I did I tell you Addie is home!!!! wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday morning .... it's 0109

Good morning, good morning, good morning to one and all. It's bedtime, I can't even remember what I as going to post when I signed on .. in the morning I'll get right on that. One AM is not morning!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Declaration of Independence Day

What a wonderful event to celebrate every year! I think it means even more to me today after watching the John Adams HBO series and visiting Monticello! And of course, what a freedom we enjoy every day we breathe.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Graduation for Jessica

I have finally started downloading pictures from the past month and this is one of my favorites .... what a family!
One of my best girlfriends, Michelle, had a daughter a year ahead of Addie and she graduated high school this year! I just can't even imagine how Michelle was feeling that day, but man does the family glow in front of a camera! And Jessica, well I have known her since she was like three or four. Our families were stationed at Edwards AFB, California together! So, there is a blast from the past! Anyway, just thought I'd share ... oh and Jess is in the back with her gown almost off to show her pretty dress! lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning

I am home again, jiggity jig! Just wanted everyone to know I am back have have a ton of fun pictures to post, but right now, I need to crawl back into bed and sleep a little bit longer. See you on the flip side!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Virginia, Oh Virginia

Okay all -- I am off again -- to Gordonsville Virginia this time ... and tons of sightseeing!!!!!! Me and my BFF Debi were planning just to laze by the pool and do some serious wine tasting, but she said "you have an awesome pool in your backyard, we can do that anytime, let's sight see." Soooooooo Thomas Jefferson, Wineries, Charlottesville, Jamestown, Virginia Beach LOOK OUT! I am tired already and I haven't even yet. lol
I have a new phone too, so I may be able to blog from it, it's a little screen though, so if you don't hear from me, don't worry .. I won't drown in too much history! Did I mention she is a social studies teacher? lol Have a great week while I am away!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plans for Today

1. Pray for sunshine.
2. Play Mafia Wars.
3. Shower, with soap.

4. Meet lover at Verizon
5. Have lunch at Panera with lover

6. Take a quick look at Kohl's
7. Bring lover home
8. Hope the sun is out

9. Enjoy play date with lover aka Vandy
(giggling, I like this plan)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain rain my grass needs mowed!

It's long, my grass that is. It's like shaggy dog long times three. And I am curious, whatever happened to those kids that use to push a lawnmower door to door to make some extra summer money? Have they all turned into over tanned men with bigger lawn mower's trying to break my bank account with one mowing? I do think so ...... so I think .. goats! Goats will be just fine for a week.
I am jumping back into my jammies and sticking a DVD in the player, turning the lights down low and making popcorn for lunch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cornhole anyone?

Have you heard of this new game? It's the rage, old world horseshoe, 30 year ago jarts and now "cornhole". It's a piece of painted plywood on a couple small one by two's .... OH anyway, I am building one, now painting one and then placing LSU decals on them for Vandy for Father's Day. I have the 6 out of eight beanbags (mine are filled with blackeyed peas instead of corn -- for the south) purple and yellow canvas cloth. So there is a hole in the plywood and you try and throw your beanbag in the hole, points are scored if you get it in the hole or on the board. I'll take pictures, this time I promise, when I am done.
Oh and if you are wondering about the completion of the grilling deck, it's not done yet. lol Gotta go paint and do a commissary run, out of peas!
Have a great day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cold cold Maryland ...

Hi all! Addie made it to Germany -- long long day for both of us on Wednesday, but her Dad arrived and grabbed her and then they were on the plane by 11pm. We had enough time to have dinner with Christy and buy a few more "needs" before the transfer. She's traveling now, castle visiting today. I am telling you, I am already missing her texting!
On a lighter note, I am visiting with my friend Michelle and her family in Maryland. It has rained since I got here. We went to Jessica's (Michelle's oldest) graduation yesterday (yes, in the cold rain) and today we get to do a little shopping (yes, in the cold rain)! I'll share my finds with you tomorrow, as I am hoping to make it back through the mountains to get home to Vandy by Saturday afternoon. Not in the cold rain. The only problem I see is, there were A LOT of antique shops along the road. Perhaps, I will be too focused to see them. lol ALTHOUGH, the element will be fairly empty ....hmmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Travel

Okay girlfriends, Addie and I are off to Baltimore so she can catch a military hop to Europe! I have Gertrude Garwin with us, so no worries about getting lost! I'll be back sometime this weekend! Wish us luck and Addie much fun!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Madness

Good evening ..... made it through the day fairly dry, considering the thunderstorms outside. Quirky humor I know! I am getting Addie ready for her Europe trip. We leave Wednesday for Baltimore and off she goes! I am going to spend a couple days with my girlfriend Michelle and then be back home Saturday or Sunday.
I would love to stay a chat, but Vandy and I are watching college softball!!! Go UW!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Frantic Friday (Part 2)

Ah good morning friends ... it has been quite the week .. ... I want to say my writings may be a bit of a mishap pile of ramblings for awhile, but I promise I will return from the brink of loss and pain, chirper and with joy in my step. I still have many errands to run, I get to be Matriarch and Executor for a bit longer and then I shall return to "me" .... thank you for all your support, love and understanding!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gonna be gone for a tad my friends

Good morning ---- I am going to be away from you all for a few days -- my father passed away Sunday, so I am a bit sad and words aren't coming in letter form right now, tears don't really work very well on a blog. Know I appreciate your thoughts and prayers .... and I'll be back soon. Much love to you all!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Good morning --- all the impatiens are planted, as pathetic looking as they are in the sun -- poor shade lovers. I guess that's what happens when your husband cuts down the tress. lol
I mow this morning, gonna be a great day. One of my friends is coming over and going to help me try and relax. We'll see how that goes.
Did I mention we lost our cordless phone for 2 days? However it is found, along side the road two doors down. Did I also mention my nephew spent the afternoon detailing my car, the one that drove down the road yesterday? The one that Addie heard a thump in yesterday afternoon. This morning you she needed a ride and I said Addie, what's that int he road (in front of the two door down house along side the road). I stopped and she picked it up. " Mom, it looks like our phone." It is and it still is ticking! lol
Hospice will start in the next couple weeks, so I may be here less frequently, don't worry, they aren't coming for me. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I'll be back!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Good Lord, it's not even 5am .... Vandy leaves for Boston today. I am hoping for fresh lobster upon his return. lol Addie still has a sore throat, I am pushing for those tonsils to come out when she returns from Europe. Dad is sleeping more and more, which I find very frustrating. And i am AWAKE at FOUR THIRTY in the morning ... I don't have cows to milk or chickens to feed! I am laughing really, I know I am from another era!
On a lighter note, this is, oh I forget the name of the band, but the precious girls in this photo I took are two of my best friends daughters, Izzi and Livie! The are a little bluegrassy, folky, country, not because they love the that type of music, it's just what their instructor likes. lol Anyway, off to prepare for the day. The girls Granny Franny passed away last week, I think she was like 90, so I am going to diddle around until the household is up and get ready to help out today!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Katie's Wedding Day

Today I am praying for a little bit of sunshine for a beautiful bride. My Mom's hospice nurse is getting married today. She was a Godsend for our entire family and was amazing with Mom. She is like family to us all. And we are invited to her wedding today. What a blessing Katie is to us and we wish her nothing but happy days in this new venture!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday --- gotta love a night of distractions

Oh how I love Thursday nights! Survivor, Grey's Anatomy season finale, just lots of visual stimulation via my TV! Vandy is still TDY, so I will miss him being beside me, but Addie is filling in quite well. Although, we are off to the doctor for her this afternoon, my strep throat baby! So, I am wearing a mask around the house! lol
Anyway, today is a better day. It might have to do with me sleeping until 11 o'clock, but I must have needed it. Dad had a rough day yesterday as well. I think it must be our brains in overload. He did tell me if I continue to sleep that late he was going to get a new babysitter. He was watching Las Vegas at the time, and then said, like one of them. I laughed out loud! He smirked!
So off to shower and piddle around, it feels like a piddling day. I might rip and roar on some fabric! That sounds fun to me!!! Have a blessed day everyone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancer Played Peek-A-Boo

Ugh! Ugh UGH!!! Well, we can't live forever, at least not on this earth, in this earthly body. My Pops cancer is back and growing, and growing and there isn't anything left to do. Sooooooooo, I will be strong and continue just what I have been doing ... caring for Dad. I have little words left to say today, tomorrow will be better.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ah, Vandy leaves for Offutt AFB this afternoon for the week. I am wondering how much can I get done for him so that he doesn't feel like his chore list is growing. I know I can mulch the front and backyard gardens, and I think that just might be enough. lol He has half of his grilling patio done and it looks so nice! I'll take a picture of it later, once the sun is out. I also mow the grass and that will need to be done at least twice. So, enough for my week? I'll also be here every morning to talk to ya'll!! Have a fabulous week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day.

I know this weekend is going to be crazy, so I thought I'd take care of my "wishing" all the mother's out there, much happiness on this day of honoring and cherishing our mothers! You all deserve the perfect day.

If you still have your Mom around, spoil her crazy this weekend. If the case may be you don't, celebrate the memories you hold close to your heart, for this is my plan. I like jam packing this weekend, it makes the little bit of pain in my heart easier to deal with. She's in a great place, this I know, this makes it all okay!

Enjoy the day, is all I can say!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I lived

When I was a young girl, I craved and prayed that I would one day live in California, so I too could be a California girl, blonde hair, smoking hot body and blue eyes. I lived in California for four years, got blue contacts, hair got lighter, thank you gray and well the smoking hot body, well enough said. So once I got to live in California I craved Ohio spring and fall .. the smell of fresh cut grass and burning leaves ... so I moved back to Ohio. And now that I live in Ohio AGAIN, I am craving sand dunes and beaches, the Florida sun and seafood. Why is it ... think the Rolling Stones with me here, You can't always get what you want, but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need! I need sand dunes!!! lol

Monday, May 4, 2009

I couldn't resist -- another daughter picture

Ah, I couldn't resist posting another picture of Addie before the Prom. Do you think picking out a wedding dress will be as easy as picking out this dress was? We actually shopping for fifteen minutes before stumbling in to this dress, just waiting for Addie to try it on and say, "Mom this is the one!" And I agreed, no arguments, no fussing, just it's perfect! So back to my question, wedding, as easy? lol Who am I kidding???? Anyway, she's glowing and I love to see her smile!
Now yard work is calling me, spring in Ohio, yard work yard work until the mulch is down. At least the elephant ears are in, no I am in clean up mode! Have a blessed day all, got to get out there while the sun is shining!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The day came and is finally going ...

Our beautiful baby girl Addie ... growing up ... this is Addie posing for me before Prom 2009 today. Carrie at Designs by Tonya did her hair and she had a braid across the front to "honor" LC, Lauren Conrad for you non "The Hills" people. Addie really likes the show and compares herself to Lauren all the time. It was a crazy day, ties, flowers, hair, pictures .. boys have to be easier ... and then "the plan"! So, here she is ..... isn't she lovely .... singing on my way to cat nap upstairs ... isn't she lovely, isn't she beautiful ... too tired to remember the rest of the words ...

Oh, and the green grass cut perfectly just for this photo! lol

Friday, May 1, 2009

I am in a good place

Good morning ... you know yesterday I chatted about rain and more rain and today guess what it is doing, yup, raining. And I am okay with the rain. There is a song out there and I believe the chorus has something like "stand a little rain" .. it's on the tip of my tongue, just dancing around on the edge of the brain cell that can't quite reach it, but it will come to me at some point today. Anyway, the reason for my going on and on about the rain is ... I think I have been in the rainy season, you know, the one where a little gray cloud follows you around, you move left, it moves left, you move right, it moves right. You just want to sing song "rain rain go away .... " ahhh here it comes ... "everybody wants love to be easy, but it's never been that way, each love starts out with blue skies, sometimes those blue skies turn gray, when the storm blows over, only the strong love remains, if we're ever gonna see a rainbow, we've got to stand a little raaaaiinnnn." So there is so much in those lines about friendship, life, love ... and believe me when I say, I know my friends have been through some rain with me. I know.

I was in a meeting last night, looking around at the positive energy and just thinking, I am in a good place now. I can stand the rain, I have stood the rain. I am so very thankful for the loves I have in my life. And thankful that they stood in the rain with me over these past few years. Those are the perennials of my life, no matter how cold it gets outside, how much frost and rain and lack of attention at times, they are always there, just under the surface, popping up and shining, reminding me, always reminding me just how beautiful my life is with them in it, my rainbows! Ah, the loves of my life, thank you. I am in a good place.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Weatherman says more rain

The Weatherman says more rain, more and more until Saturday. I need to rent a bush hog to cut the fields in the front 49 and the back 49. I love my green green grass, but I hate that I have to mow two days back to back to get my perfect lines back. Oh well, what's a girl to do? Oh I know, not only hire a cabana boy that can deliver awesome fruity drinks, but one that cleans the pool and mows the grass. Hmmm very interesting thought there. lol Anyone know any cutie patootees looking for such employment?
Alas, I did manage a bit of weeding before the rain last night and I was noticing all those lovely butterfly bushes popping up as well as the hibiscus. I just love the butterfly bushes and bee balm and the dainty hummingbirds that come to visit my garden. I have fuchsia bee balm, but I am thinking I need some red ... it's such a fussy plant when you transplant though. I might have to hit the garden store this weekend even though I promised myself I wasn't buying any new plants, just a few annuals. Oh, who am I kidding? I am garden store addict!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not swine flu --

Do you remember the days when your Mom wouldn't let you go outside without a jacket on because you might catch a cold? Even though you are so stinking hot from playing tag or riding bikes, if you walked in the door without that jacket on you were in so much trouble. Well the other day when I was swimming in the 86 degree pool and it was a little cool, I bumped it up to 89, just to enjoy it a little more, I thought for a few splitting minutes, man is the air cool out. I remembered the jacket days, and it's April --- global warming? What would my mother say if she saw me swimming in OHIO in APRIL!
Well. my mother would say today, with my throat sore and my ear aching, I told you so!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We've come a little ways ...

So, after moving all the crushed limestone, sand and stones, we think we are a few stones short! But here is the progress so far ... the "grilling"
patio, or man outdoor cave was suppose to be 12 by 12, which started out 10 by 10, but now has grown to a 12 by 15 .. which is really exciting ... the part under the four wood posts is going to be a bench. And all around the deck is there will be a railing .... it's going to be super cool. We are also going to have something "climbing", it's between a trumpet vine, bittersweet, jasmine or wisteria.
Oh and the third picture is what is left of Vandy's clothing before hitting the swimming pool .. it was 86 yesterday and he was so sweaty. Thank GOD for chemicals! lol He did finally take a break, we had friends over for a bbq and an all afternoon swim date! Vandy really needed the break. We'll get back on the patio next weekend, rain is coming! Oh and I wanted to add that my cousin Jenny asked how our pool is already 86, well it was 89 ... we turn off the heat in the house so we can have heat in the pool .. and it works the same in the fall .. I want to be warm in the house, I have to give up the heated pool. lol

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Running Behind

Did I mention the rocks arrived? Did I mention I am helping Vandy move 1 1/2 tons of crushed limestone, 2 tons of sand and 1 1/4 ton of rock? Giant rock? Well I did, help him that is.
Did I mention the pool is open and at a cozy 86 degree temperature? I like this part better than the rocks.

Have a great weekend ladies, church this morning and then rock movement and perhaps I will mow the grass in the front of the house. Oh and let's not forget pool time, my backside hasn't enjoyed as much sun as my front! lol

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Where do I begin? We bought Addie a lovely prom dress .... her best little guy friend who was transferred to Oklahoma with his family last year was suppose to come back and take her to "their" first prom. He's been back several times so this is not out of the ordinary. Guess what, his MOM texted Addie and said he had a bad attitude and financially things were a little tight. UGHHHHHH Now Addie is without a date! My poor poor baby. Does anyone know Brody Jenner's Mom? Perhaps his cell phone number? I wish I could perform magic today. Just one little magic trick! She is devastated.
So my heart hurts for her. Badly, like bleeding all over my leather couch. I barely changed out of my jammies yesterday as well as today. The sun is out, I sure hope it infects me.
And please tell me if you can reach Brody Jenner (Bruce Jenner's son, best friends with LC, Lauren Conrad from The Hills) --- Prom is May 2nd. He should take her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Where is my rock guy?????? He was suppose to deliver this morning, and he's not answering his phone, do you think he made off with our rocks and our money? The heist of the year ... I am cracking myself up. Actually, it's rained for two days and sand and crushed limestone has to be pretty heavy, maybe he's waiting until it dries a little bit. Which is fine with me, we don't have the new patio area cleaned of grass and leveled yet .... which brings me to why I love crafting ............
I love it. I love that there are no mess ups, just glue something in it's place to cover flaws. Just add some bling here and there and it looks like it is suppose to be there! Everyone should have some bling in there life, especially if it's not a 5 carat diamond on any one of your fingers! Some people may think 5 carats is gaudy, not me!!!! Of course, the only 5 carats I have ever owned where below dirt in my garden bed!
Have a great day everyone and enjoy a carat or two, or some bling, whatever suits your fancy today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Man is it dark outside --

Man is it dark outside, oh look, when I got up it was ONLY 3AM! Now it is 6 something AM and I am not sure what I want to do today. I know what has to be done, but they really aren't one in the same. For example, I walked into Addie's bathroom and there are 6 towels on the floor, that's a load of towels just for her and I swear I did them on Friday .. now let's count ... she was gone Friday at a sleepover .. so Saturday is one day and Sunday is two days and it's MONDAY morning .. how can you dirty 6 towels in three days and only be home for two of those days????? So there is one chore, and then there is my basket of clothes and Dad's and Addie probably has three loads on her own ... laundry all day? Ugh .. and I wanted to start pitching things in my kitchen, but should I pitch or should I box and save for a possible garage sale? Remember we have two households worth of stuff, and frankly, I am considering renting one of those dumpsters .. egads ... maybe I should wait for the kitchen remodel -- oh and speaking of that, I do not want to paint my cabinets .. I want new, now I may not get my way this year, I can paint the walls and ceiling, but nahhh to the cabinets. They need new hardware and by the time I add all that up at 2.99 a piece I could have at least 1/3 of my new kitchen ...
OMG, I just read all that typing up there .. all that rambling, someone stop me! Look what happens when I am up at 3AM! Have a great day ladies ... I am off to make sack lunches for Addie and Vandy. Just another chore ... lol ... And it's still very dark outside!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Grass

Good morning --- well I spent yesterday with Vandy working in the yard, mowing the grass and getting my way! Giggling -- he is building a grilling deck off of our patio and all I kept thinking was more wood to seal, paint, sand, seal and get nasty splinters from ... so I made a deal ... if the stone patio (which is what I wanted) cost less than the wood deck, can we get a stone patio instead? I won! He actually agreed that it would blend better with the patio we already have and he is still going to build a wood arbor and a fence around it, so we both won! Also, instead of a new kitchen I am going to paint the kitchen a new color and paint my 40 year old cabinets. I hate them, hate hate hate ... so we'll see. And of course I am going to get a new counter top ... I pray I love it .... and that a church mouse would come and clean my kitchen before the remodel begins. Any takers? lol Okay, off to shut my eyes until the headache subsides ... I get them every time I mow .. I am going to start wearing one of those paper masks, who cares about tan lines!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I hate broken computers --- what I hate just as much is waiting for broken computers to be fixed ---- now this one is --- and after a day of yard work, I am too tired to hate my computer issues --- just happy I can say good evening and good night! lol Chat with you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Shot

Vandy flying over the girls at Cocoa Beach. He's a ham at times and just loves his daughter and her friends. It was such a great photo op and well I have the roll out in the sand shot too. Thank God he isn't a professional plumber, although I do have that shot. We just giggled and giggled after this shot. Anyway, I have some work to do today and some regrouping in my studio. I am trying to de-clutter, I know I know, I have done it several times, but I am a pack rat at times too ... anyone want to come over and take some stuff home? Call me! lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The day after the day after

Isn't it funny how you get home from a vacation and you seem to need more sleep than you originally left thinking you needed? I mean, I slept until six thirty most days, so what gives? Oh, well, it might be that I was awake until midnight. Most days I just hung out at the pool or the beach with a few cocktails, how can that be tiring?

Anyway, I did no work on the pictures yesterday besides posting them, but I am going today. I can feel it. Of course, as long as worry about Addie's speeding ticket court date doesn't get the best of me. Grrrrrrr kids!!!

Can you believe this lovely daughter of mine can drive 82 in a 65? How do you teach them to slow down? Well, it is not by watching her Daddy drive! Anyway, court at three today. Say a little prayer for her as if she loses her license, she'll need it because I will be her taxi for six months!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jig

What a fabulous week in Florida! We stopped by to visit my sister in law and her kids in Georgia and ate at this fun Japanese Steakhouse ,,, they loved it and then headed back to their house for some seriously talented entertainment from my nephew and nieces! Of course, we were up early to get to sunny Orlando.This is us on Cocoa Beach after hanging out at Ron Jon's Surf Shop. I took some really great pictures, which you can see on my facebook. And below is one of my favorite family portraits of my best friend and her family ... the Hix Chix and parents!

They have a lot to pick from, so who knows which one will hit the wall of fame! Anyway, it was just a terrific vacation and as soon as I recover from exhaustion, I will be upstairs cropping my heart away on a mini album for a Mother's Day gift for my friend Debi.

I hope you all didn't miss me too much! I did miss you all!! Have a fabulous week and we'll chat later!