Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilters Delight

Good Morning. Okay, okay it's barely morning in my foggy head. I have been zippyin and strippin since I got home from my Baltimore trip. Have you seen the lovely quilts and cutest ever quilting book my cousin designs, makes, whatever you call it! "Zippy Strippy Quilts"

Welllllll, last year I became an addict. I haven't started any 12 step program because I LOVE making them, I love even more the excitement on my family and friends faces when they open one and it's so fluffy and cozy. And I have to admit, flannel is easy, but corduroy is all about the warmth and fall and winter and yummyness. And who would have thought quality matters -- IT DOES LADIES!

I have 7 quilts completed and 5 more to finish. When you have a bolt of innies, it will go to waste if you don't sew it all up, which is what I am doing, sewing it all up. LOL It's like that last dollar in your pocket ....... it will get funky in there if it is all alone and not out with other month and getting yor a Hershey Chocolate Bar with Almonds.

Anyway, I'll post the stack of quilts later, because right now I am sitting under a ZSQ clipping and I don't want to get up .... you'll seeee, try it, join me in my addiction ........ giggling

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  1. Good morning Cousin! Glad to hear you are buried in Zippies! Just for the fun of saying this I want to say I WROTE THAT BOOK! which I am still awfully proud of. I can't wait to see your pictures! I am going through the bolts of the bird flannel and I love it. Have our bedspread made (not snipped, though) I still can't get this to link, though....argggggh....