Monday, November 2, 2009

Home again home again, jiggity jig

Wow, what a worldwind weekend.

I am just exhausted. I knew when my other best friend didn't ask me to be "in" her wedding, that I would be "working" the wedding instead. Which I love to do, honestly. I took Michelle for her mani/pedi, then to get her hair down and calm her nerves and tell the "professional" hair dresser where she needed to hide bobbie pins and protected her from her "mean" sister. I made all the brides maids bouquets, and helped with decorating the mansion and then managed to go upstairs and help her with her dress and calming her down again ..... and I took a ton of pictures. I like being useful.

The best part of being busy this weekend was, well it was my Dad's birthday. And I missed him, but I was way too busy to miss him too much. It was nice to be busy and needed.

It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride.

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  1. She is a beautiful bride. I'm glad you had such a fun distraction on such a day of memories!