Friday, April 22, 2011

snapshots of spring in ohio

good morning all .... i wandered around the backyard yesterday afternoon with camera in hand, yes, yes the good hand and arm ..... it was sunny, cool crisp wind blowing and the smell of spring in the air .....

redbud, do you think they didn't know the color purple when they named this tree?

crabapple right before they burst

the sweetest smell out my backdoor - yummy

vandy's brook
 have a blessed weekend all .......

Thursday, April 21, 2011

promises, promises ...

i said i would do something last week and by golly, cousin jenny talked me right into it remember the giveaway and the how to, with no further adieu .... to all of you ..... and remember i warned you too ...

the nests and the spray paint

martha glitter glue and my sling prior to the glitter bomb

the torn up target wreath 2.50 and who knows what the wax paper was for
da glitter

da glittered eggs

4 am can't sleep more glitter

the basket with flowers

white lacey bias tape and blue fabric flowers

pretty eggs

so there you have it friends and cousin ... have a great afternoon

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i can not stop giggling ..

i am not worrying about capping my lettering on blogging anymore .... e.e. cummings did just fine.  it is just too difficult one handed.

anyway, remember the darling. lovely giveaway?  don't ask to see it.  i made 4.  lovely glitter and flowers and ribbon and nests.  don't ask for the step by step tutorial.  Deb, as soon as you send me your address, I will send you something better, pre-surgery crafted. 

this is why.

i have three great friends.  all amazing in their own rights.  beyond creative.  they brought me lunch today and it was just nice to chat and giggle .... so much giggling.  i had told terri that i finally used the m.s. glitter she gave me for christmas a few years ago.  so after lunch we walked upstairs to my studio and they were all speechless.  'allison, that's a lot of glitter.'  'maybe you should hold off on crafting until you have both hands'.  i think they wanted to add 'and a clear creative functioning brain without medication'.  lol   it made me laugh.

winner deb, followers, bear/bare with me.  i'll get better gradually, no rush, i am learning.

now i am off to 'take' my husband to go see crystal bowersox, his birthday gift, pre-surgery.  

you know what they say .....

timing is everything.  


i am sooooo sure it is.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

24 hour delay .....

Sorry for the 24 hour delay for pictures ...... but we do have a WINNER
....... Deb with the ladybug (3rd post) ....

you WIN!!!! 

Wooohoooooooooooooooooooooo ..... email me your address!!!!!!! 

A one handed setback is why no pictures.  However, it allowed a few more lovely touches ..... and in the mail it will go in the morning!!!  After the picture post!  teeheee 


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday eve .....

I hope everyone has enlisted their friends and family to follow my blog ..... I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning and show you what will be arriving in your mailbox this week!!!!  I fully intended to post pictures to make this drawing more exciting, but the  R.C. recovery is not quite following my minds thought of recovery.

Tell me what crafter ....
1.  follows directions?
2.  slows down?
3.  is full of patience?

I am trying.  I am.  Honestly I am.  One hand typing stinks.  One hand hair washing is not even worth, okay, it is worth a giggle.  The every other day husband arm and back washing is fabulous.  Having your back washed is nice.  It reminds me of young childhood baths.  How about you guys?  I hope that was not too much information, remember I am on pain meds altho I went 1 1/2 days on Advil, another big mistake. 
I want to drive.  lol 

So enough about my whining, sorry, but I can't wait to announce the winner tomorrow and help you with an Easter craft of your own if you love it for  the non-winners!!!  And I know you will love it!!!  AND I do think you are all winners!!!!!