Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday eve .....

I hope everyone has enlisted their friends and family to follow my blog ..... I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning and show you what will be arriving in your mailbox this week!!!!  I fully intended to post pictures to make this drawing more exciting, but the  R.C. recovery is not quite following my minds thought of recovery.

Tell me what crafter ....
1.  follows directions?
2.  slows down?
3.  is full of patience?

I am trying.  I am.  Honestly I am.  One hand typing stinks.  One hand hair washing is not even worth, okay, it is worth a giggle.  The every other day husband arm and back washing is fabulous.  Having your back washed is nice.  It reminds me of young childhood baths.  How about you guys?  I hope that was not too much information, remember I am on pain meds altho I went 1 1/2 days on Advil, another big mistake. 
I want to drive.  lol 

So enough about my whining, sorry, but I can't wait to announce the winner tomorrow and help you with an Easter craft of your own if you love it for  the non-winners!!!  And I know you will love it!!!  AND I do think you are all winners!!!!!

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  1. My friend had that same surgery and it was really no fun at all. Not the surgery and not the rehab.

    Good news is that her arm is 100% now. She can even play tennis again!