Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Good afternoon all!!!  It has been eight days since my rotator cuff surgery and I still believe I would rather give birth to an entire football team, which would include the offensive, defensive and special teams without any help from an anesthesiologist than have this surgery EVER again. 

So, with that being said and my one handed blogging skills, I have decided to share the wealth. 

First, head over to Renee's blog, http://shabby-chic-charming.blogspot.com/.  I LOVE the bag!!!  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!  I even have the citrasolv.  But I am one handed, which means one armed handicapped.  SO, being a good blogger I am sharing the possibility of the wealth.  Renee' is a great blogger and crafter, so become a follower of her too!!!  I hope you are already following me, at least for my sorted wit.  lol

Second, go to http://www.valspar.com/ and get your  FREE pint of paint and some cute painting tools.  Just remember, before you complete your entire form, make sure you love your paint.  I didn't.  I am blaming it on the pain medication.  I received Martian Green in my super fun kit.  I would be happy to trade it for a cool pink, because Martian Green, just doesn't work for me.  I thought about calling Valspar myself, explaining the confusion, the surgery, but that sound sort of greedy and silly.  Don't you think?  You will also get a 5 dollar off coupon for a gallon of Valspar paint too!!!  Traders are welcomed here!!!!!

So, on to number 3.  I want to do a giveaway.  A really cool one, like maybe my pillowed sling.  Or the video of my surgery to you.  Nah, what can it be?  I want to hit 100 followers.  :::: thinking ::::  Well, we'll get back to number 3.  I promise!!

Did I mention, I have the coolest cousin in the world.  I have been mopey about my surgery and the terrible pain.  She reminds me not to let the pain get ahead of me because it KILLS to catch back up with it.  So, I am finally taking the oxycodone faithfully.  Anyway, if you need cheered up, (no no no I am not sharing my pain medication, lol) Jenny at http://jennymatlock.blogspot.com/  is your girl ... my cheer up card read .... people who think laughter is the best medicine apparently have never tried morphine (picture of a vintage nurse holding a tray of goodies on it) then you open it and it says take your drugs and get well.  This was/is the perfect card for me.  I have been hurting!!!   I know I have mentioned this a lot, and for good reason!

So, finally in ending, because, yes, typing HURTS ...
I am going to have a giveaway ...
... something you will love, want, need, have to have!!!  You have until Sunday, to leave a comment, to become a follower, to get someone else to become a follower.  KK?  Understand?

I have been so determined to post this today, after three accidental erases and 7 hours I am pushing Publish Post!!


  1. You're sweet. I got my PINK Valspar thing today in the mail...Pink, PINK, PINK I tell ya!

    I'll put this on my blog and let's see if we can get you to 100 followers girl!

  2. I hope your pain subsides and you heal quickly.

    I'm a new follower.

  3. so sorry to hear about your pain Jenny's cousin....hope you heal quickly...

  4. Hi Jenny's cousin, I am your newest follower. All I can say about your surgery is Oooouch! That's got to be the worst pain...ever. I tell ya what, I'll have a toothach for you since I can't have anymore children. I hate those too! I have come via my good bloggy friend Jenny Matlock. Love her! Just wanted to say I want that cute little cottage you made from doors. But my darn HOA has their stinkin rules ya know. Where ever did you get your wonderful idea from. It's the neatest little getaway ever! Come see me sometime!~Ames

  5. Any cousin of Jenny's is a friend of mine!

    Hope you feel very much better soon.


  6. Hi! I just came over from Jenny's blog and am your newest follower! I love your cottage--it is totally precious.

  7. I love your blog already! I can tell you're related to Jenny b/c of your sense of humor!!! I am now a follower. I hope you are feeling better SOON. Love your cottage, oh yea! :o)

  8. Allie, I don't know if you remember me, but we did card crafts at your fabulous cousin Jenny's house one day last year.

    Anyway, do what she says and get better fast!

    Cyndie Fishback

  9. Hello Jenny's cousin...you had me at "crafty". I can also sympathize with your rotator cuff surgery...I had a slip and fall two years ago this July. My Orthopedic thought it might mine was torn too, but a MRI revealed I had a frozen shoulder. It took me almost two years to recoop and regain some range of motion in my shoulder. Walking my dog with my left hand was my best therapy. She would suddenly jerk me a different direction and slowly but surely, it became "unfrozen". I hope you heal fast. Walk your fingers up the walls...it helps too...

  10. Hi! I just came over from Jenny's blog. I like to be crafty too and adore those paint buckets! They look like a lot of work though. I hope you are feeling better soon!