Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Butter Booth ...

What whirlwind month!!!

My first booth ever at the Apple Butter Festival.  AND now I know the true meaning of HARD work.  Kudos to each and every one of you that have ever done a booth.  For 2 hours this morning (on 3 hours of sleep), I swear I took my husband's head off 20 times.  Thank GOD he knows me and loves me. 

On a lighter note, my booth was/is stinking cute!!!!  Here is a taste of it and tomorrow I will post some more amazing pictures!!!  I know I am like a month behind posts, but it will be worth it in a few days to catch up with me!!  I sooo promise!!!

My booth, come in and sit with me for a bit!

Windows, windows and more windows!

Remember that Craigslist haul I had 2 months ago with the super cool military gun cases! Tada!!!

I will post more tomorrow, but this gives you a good idea of my wares, or in my case, SUNDRIES! 

Oh, and I sold weeds and this bush I have growing in my backyard.  Okay, so the weed is Sweet Annie and smells amazing, BUT also grows like a WEED!!!!  The bush is super neat.  After the fifth person asked me about it, I decided  needed to blog about it also!  So, this is it, the internet is grand!

Photo of beautyberry bush in fall.
Beautyberry Shrub or Callicarpa Bichotoma
 It is a totally awesome plant and looks great in a vase on the dining room table!  I think my friend Kelly should grow it because it was look lovely in her beautiful home!! 

Come see me tomorrow from 12 - 5 at the Apple Butter Festival!  I'll be back!!!!