Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Butter Booth ...

What whirlwind month!!!

My first booth ever at the Apple Butter Festival.  AND now I know the true meaning of HARD work.  Kudos to each and every one of you that have ever done a booth.  For 2 hours this morning (on 3 hours of sleep), I swear I took my husband's head off 20 times.  Thank GOD he knows me and loves me. 

On a lighter note, my booth was/is stinking cute!!!!  Here is a taste of it and tomorrow I will post some more amazing pictures!!!  I know I am like a month behind posts, but it will be worth it in a few days to catch up with me!!  I sooo promise!!!

My booth, come in and sit with me for a bit!

Windows, windows and more windows!

Remember that Craigslist haul I had 2 months ago with the super cool military gun cases! Tada!!!

I will post more tomorrow, but this gives you a good idea of my wares, or in my case, SUNDRIES! 

Oh, and I sold weeds and this bush I have growing in my backyard.  Okay, so the weed is Sweet Annie and smells amazing, BUT also grows like a WEED!!!!  The bush is super neat.  After the fifth person asked me about it, I decided  needed to blog about it also!  So, this is it, the internet is grand!

Photo of beautyberry bush in fall.
Beautyberry Shrub or Callicarpa Bichotoma
 It is a totally awesome plant and looks great in a vase on the dining room table!  I think my friend Kelly should grow it because it was look lovely in her beautiful home!! 

Come see me tomorrow from 12 - 5 at the Apple Butter Festival!  I'll be back!!!!


  1. Good luck! Hope it all goes great for you...


  2. Oh sweet Cuz...I wish I could! I love spice bushes! And your booth looks amazing. I'm not sure how that frame supported all those windows.

    I backed out of my show. Stupid health stuff grabbed me again. Sold almost all my furniture off Craig's list, though, so it ended well.

    Love the ammo box! Can't wait to hear more!

    I guess you wouldn't have liked doing the major wholesale gift shows with me back in the day. Those were killer hard work.

    And the worst part was, after the show you had to produce the goods...ha!

    Take care of yourself!