Sunday, October 9, 2011

End of Day 2 of the ABF

Hi.  Small print I know.  I feel a tab sad by my HUGE feelings of failure after yesterdays and todays festival.  I thought I would do so well.  I swear I had the cutest booth in the entire festival.  I was, what I thought, budget friendly priced.  I didn't see much sold except food.  I saw A LOT of people walking with food.  Okay, enough of the pity party.  Oh and I did hand out about 200 business cards to people that ASKED for them.  Maybe they are 'thinking' about their upcoming purchases.  A girl can be hopeful.

Hi again.  Thank you for listening/reading that pity party up there.  I have kept a very brave face on after being asked a million times how I did and I needed to share the baby pp before I erupted into a volcanic tear zone.  It helped.  Thanks again.

So, tomorrow I open my Etsy shop.  I am going to dive right in, right?  Right!  My things are "cute".  Everyone loves cute. 

Also tomorrow I am going to blog my craigslist military gun coffee tables.  I sold one yesterday at the festival that I painted old world white.  It was the first piece of furniture a college student bought for her new apartment.  She was super excited!!!!!  And loved it like me, so it was even cooler!  And a success, right?? 

I am off to eat dinner with my husband.  He cooked dinner for me, even after the 20 yells yesterday morning.  I am so blessed. 

Have a wonderful evening friends and I will catch you tomorrow!!

Our mini trip to Lake Lure in NC.  Ahh, I can not wait to go back there!!


  1. So sorry but I do think the economy has folks being very frugal right now! I hope your Etsy shop does well!

  2. Okay. You are not a failure. You could never a be a failure! You are amazing! I think everyone is just wicked poor right now.