Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Halloween Fun

Once upon a time I was a scrapbook instructor.  I designed and taught classes at livelovescrap.  I had great fun.  I met soooo many wonderful women.  Then, after three years and the sad economy (people balancing food on the table or one of Allison's classes) livelovescrap closed their doors.  It was sad for all of us.  HOWEVER, I still have great friends from those days and a TON of products and tools. 

The thing I remember absolutely knowing was, I hated the skeleton move.  Do you remember it?  The tattoo's and such?  Tim Holtz even came out with some eerie stuff.  I do cute and cool, not scary.  Anyway, I needed something on my front door to let friends and family know I am not a total party pooper to the whole Halloween season.  Did I mention I don't do scary very well? 

So a few weeks ago, Jack was downstairs watching TV and I ran upstairs, and within 30 minutes I had my front door decoration ready to be hung.  Jack was amazed at how quickly I accomplished this wreath.  And it felt great to be "playing" in my studio, surrounded by my products and tools again!!!  (a wreath, some fabric, some hot glue and a few scrapbooking techniques and viola) The wreath is stinking cute, even if I had to put those skulls and cross bones in it for a full "scary" effect?

I used the hot glue gun to make some webs!

I love it!
Happy haunting my friends!


  1. Looks great! I love that you used hot glue to make webs! I am also with you about skulls, I have a baby and really why would I want to put skulls on my baby? The symbolism is that of death, I'll leave it, but not for Halloween, and your really cute wreath!

    via whipperberry

  2. This wreath is really cute and my kind of decoration! I don't do scary either!

  3. You're right. That is one heck of a fun wreath!