Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding Shoot Finished

Missed Saturday and most of Sunday, but I completed the wedding photos for the Boling/Estes Wedding I shot on the 30th of September.  WOW, that is some serious work, but so worth it when you see how happy the bride and groom are with the final product, even when it was cold and rainy and an outside wedding.  Even though I was "classically" trained, weddings make me physically ill.  The stress I tell you, no one can fix that.  I have nightmares of screaming "NOOooOOOoo, I am not ready.", when the pastor asked if anyone has any objections to why this man and woman should not be married.  You laugh, but it is true.  The good thing about this pastor, he didn't ask.   Not at the rehearsal and not at the wedding, ahhhh relief! 

Here are a few of my favorite photographs of a few of my favorite people! 

The Bride - Nickie

The Groom - Eric

The Bolings
The Estes

Nickie and her sisters

My Cason getting a Grams lecture.  lol

The happy couple!

The happy family!

And I guess my post should end ..... happily ever after! 

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  1. Weddings always make good photographs, don't they? Nice job!