Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Timeout

Good day all.

Okay, a bit tired today.  I couldn't call my post Terrible Tuesday though.  How fun would that NOT be?  Anyway, it isn't a terrible Tuesday.  I am just tired and need a timeout for myself.  I know you are dieing to know why.   Right?

Well, it started with Groupon last week.  I bought massages for me and my baby at crazy discount.  CRAZY discount!  Even if they were bad, it was worth it.  BUT, they were awesome.  Yep, we collected them yesterday.  Mommy and Addie day. Totally worth a HUGE tip.  Yes, yes, yes, I drank water.  It was the first massage that I have ever had that when I got home I wanted to slip back into my bed and sleep until Wednesday. 

Of course, I started thinking it was really a pamper Addie day.  She got new nails.  (Okay, we got her nails.)  Green with black crackle paint.  I don't really like black fingernails, even if green is peeking through the polish.  Even with Halloween around the corner.  So, where was I?  Oh, Addie.  So, new nails and then lunch at Olive Garden.  She picked.  I wanted sushi.  She doesn't do sushi.  So Olive Garden (another bill for me with a GOOD tip) and then The Oasis Salon and Spa for our massages. 

When "Linda" (I think her real name is Helga) finished pushing my vertebrae through the table onto the floor underneath me, after they left the room, I asked Addie, "Well, how was that?"  She replied, "Mom, we have to give them a BIG tip."  I wondered if just leaving my vertebrae and left shoulder on the table was tip enough.  So, big tip (my pocketbook, not hers) and out the door, then off to grocery shop because for family dinner she wanted STEAK and portabella mushrooms.  Guess whose bill??!!!  LOL

So anyway, once we were home, I was EXHAUSTED and still had to cook dinner.  I sent Vandy out to the grill while I accomplished the sides.  We said blessing, ate and after dinner, Addie told me she couldn't hold her eyes open a minute longer.  She hugged her Daddie and thanked him for the treat of the Mommy and Addie day and went to bed, leaving me with the dishes!!!

So, that explains why today is "Timeout Tuesday".  I needed a timeout!! 

Smelling the jasmine .. taking time out today!


  1. Ha! Next time she has to take YOU out! Rest sweetly!